Bite me: Cray announces “Black Widow”

Cray Inc.Via Dailytech:

Cray announced it’s latest supercomputer, dubbed “Black Widow”. It’s not completly clear on what kind of hardware the machine will be based, speculations claim it might be again Opteron-base, as the already existing Cray XT3.

We remember, the Cray XT3 is a massive-parallel supercomputer based on the Opteron-CPU; however, each Opteron-CPU got it’s Hyper Transport Channel connected to Cray’s proprietary SeaStar-chip, which incorporates 6 links to other CPUs, a DMA-controller and a service-port.
All the CPUs are interconnected in a 3D-Torus-Topology.

XT3 and “Black Widow” are both based on Cray’s “Rainier scalable infrastructure”.

More corporate tech-talk in Cray’s press release.

Sidenote: The Oak Ridge National Labs (already covered today) already has a XT3, codenamed “Jaguar“. Jaguar is no. 13 on the Top500 list. It’ll be upgraded to dual-core Opterons and boost it performance from currently 25-TeraFLOPS to 50-TeraFLOPS. Futures upgrade-phases are pointed out, once again, at Dailytech.

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