Global warming leads to higher energy-demand

Via Supercomputing Online:

Everybody should now be convinced that global warming is a real threat, and no plot made up by greens and liberals; the heat-wave in the USA and Europe, the melting glaciers in Europe, the increased number of extreme weather-phenomenons like Hurricanes and floodings, and so on.

We know the cause: Our CO2 exhaust, generated by the high demand of energy everywhere in the world. Either in the first world through the enormous consumption of electricity – produced by burning fossile fuels, like coal – and gasoline, or in second- and third-world countries where either the demand for fuels is very high – see China – or where the environmentals laws are substandard.
Our ignorance lead to it; get over it and change something.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has let it’s IBM Cheetah Supercomputer do some real coal-guzzling work to figure out the economic consequences of global warming in terms of energy-usage and costs in the US till 2025.

The ORNL-scientist David Erickson reports that “gradually increasing temperatures will create a greater demand for air-conditioning provided by electrical energy, which will heighten the demand for coal to be burned at fossil fuel power plants.

More details can be found in the Supercomputing Online Article.

Cheetah is a 4.5 TeraFLOPS IBM pSeries cluster of 27 p690-nodes, each equipped with 32 Power-4 CPUs. It is operated by the NCCS for the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences.
Cheetah is no. 88 on the TOP500 list.

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One Response to Global warming leads to higher energy-demand

  1. Rahul Makhija says:

    We should do something definitely before its too late and we cant stop the change and continue playing with our future.

    I insist everybody should sign
    Global Warming Petition

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