Move of Blog complete

He, that's me!

I finally finished moving my Blog from Bloglines to this place. It was quite some work, although not as much as i expected. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to rescue all my posting from my old Blog, but well… Read for yourself.

First, Bloglines didn’t support the Technorati ping-API. Which is actually no real problem, the real problem seems to be Technorati itself :) They don’t index other peoples sites anyway, everything seems to be pretty much screwed up there.

Then Blogline’s service was pretty much barebone, but it was friggin fast. On the other hand it created constant bad HTML, inserted lot’s of Javashite into my code, made all external links to appear in new windows (something i personally REALLY REALLY hate).

It didn’t have proper import- or export-function so i couldn’t take over my old postings to this new site.

And then it failed. Completely. First my blogroll went berserk. Showed “12 unread postings”. Clicked on the blog, no postings. Reload, reload, reload – there we go.

Then my blog failed. First just a couple of individual pages. Considering that they had some problems with the database in the past i thought “oh, could be a small temporary problem” – but then my whole blog stopped working. To me it looks like they don’t have all database-servers correctly synchronized.

I even wrote a Perl-program which used XML::Parser to fetch all Bloglines-posting, grab out the title, content and date and create plain HTML-pages which i could have possibly inserted with the help of normal http-POST operations into this very new blog; but XML::Parser failed to parse the bad HTML of the postings i extracted from Bloglines (via an easy loop, “for i in `seq 1 140` ; do wget -O $i.html$i ; done”)

Lot’s of people were asking me all the time “why haven’t you moved yet”? And my answer was: Too lazy. I didn’t want to run my own blog-software on one of my servers ’cause i feared that i could bugger up things – and then i would need to repair it ;) However, now Bloglines failed and i got sick of it.

And there i am, with my fancy new blog – to be honest: I already like it :)

Thanks for your time, hope to keep you as a reader,


P.S.: If anyone finds an old link which still opens a friggin new window, please, tell me. I’m going to kill that off immediately.


2 Responses to Move of Blog complete

  1. Markus says:

    Welcome to wordpress ;)

  2. Thanks mate ;)
    Btw… weren’t we about to have a beer this week somewhere…? I’m still here until saturday.

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