NSA: Ford Meade running out of juice

NSA logoVia Slashdot:

The Baltimore Sun reports that the NSA‘s baracks in Fort Meade are apparently running out of juice. It’s reported that the power-shortage will delay “the installation of two new, multimillion-dollar supercomputers“. It was not mentioned what vendor and brand of supercomputers are meant, but that’s not suprising – lot’s of supercomputer-systems are classified.

They also seem to have serious problems with the air-conditioning in their server-rooms; it’s not mentioned if this is also due to the lack of power or due to under-dimensioning.

The NSA is now considering shutting down legacy systems and installing additional generators.

Baltimore’s Constellation Energy reminds it’s customers in the meantime to use energy wisely. They advice “Set your air conditioner thermostat higher than usual, if health permits“.

Interesting sidenote for me as a german: “Fort Meade is not the only NSA outpost facing limitations on its ability to upgrade electrical infrastructure. Listening posts around the world, such as Menwith Hill in Britain and Bad Aibling in Germany, are ailing.” – What the hell do they have in Bad Aibling? I mean everyone knows that Echelon Field Station 81 is there, but we all thought it already out-of-service.

So: What’s in Bad Aibling?


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