Linux 2.6.16.x base for new stable-branch

LinuxVia Heise:

Adrian Bunk takes over the Linux’s 2.6.16 kernel-branch; as Greg KH points out in his posting to LKLM, Greg will continue working on development-kernels (they headed on to 2.6.17 now), whereas Adrian will continue patching 2.6.16.

The rules for the stable 2.6-branch is described on

Personally i think that they should get back to the old scheme, where even number in the kernel’s version denote the stable-branch, odd numbers the unstable-branch. But i think it’s just a question of taste which tag the kernel is bearing. It all boils down to one problem:
Will they take over parts from unstable to stable in the future? Those are the two conflicting points. Not the numbering…

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