Rosetta@home: Return your CASP7-results asap

Rosetta@home logoToday, on Monday the 7th, the CASP7-contest is over and the Rosetta@home-team needs to submit their results, as user Feet1st reminds us; so, if you’re a Rosetta@home-cruncher, return your result immediately through marking the rosetta@home application and pressing the “Update”-button in your BOINC-manager application:

BOINC Manager Screenshot

Also, if you followed David Baker’s request for more more power, keep in mind that CASP7 will be partly re-evaluated and that further crunching helps science, although CASP7 is over.

Please keep also in mind that Rosetta@home got a 10-mio.-USD grant from the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation for searching a vaccine against the HI-virus. We don’t know yet when those new WUs will be issued, stay tuned for further updates.

Thanks you for crunching for Rosetta@home.

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