LBW News: Projects for the LBW

Hiking TuxThe discussion on IRC is heating up what to do on this years LBW; a couple of geeks and me like to do some Atmel/Ethernet stuff. So far we compiled a list of stuff we’re bringing to the LBW. We already got some ATMega32, a bunch of ENC28J60 Ethernet-drivers, i ordered a bunch of Conec Ethernet transformers and 74HCT573 latches to use Willem’s SRAM he scavanged from old Pentium motherboard.

If you’re with us on the LBW this year and want join in for some hardware-hacking, please bring as much gear (ICs, capacitors, resistors, breadboards, AVRs, ISP-cables) as you can or as your free luggage on the plane allows you. Maybe Kitty and me will do some kinda AVR-beginner’s workshop, it all depends on the gear we’ll have during the week. However, you’re welcome to drop by anytime.

Also on IRC: Jasan asked me if there’s interest in a talk about the iproute2-tool; considering the lack of documentation (LARTC is not totally complete) i’d just said yes – so he’s going to prepare some slides. Jasan hasn’t registered the workshop in the registration-system yet, but just ping to the list and tell him that you like to attend.

Meet us on #lbw on the Freenode IRC-network, write to our mailing-list or use the comment-function.

I guess this is going to be a fun week!

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