Microsoft: What’s that CCS hype? Gna!

Microsoft LogoI don’t know what’s wrong with all the people. Microsoft recently released their Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003 (CCS) and everybody is acting like they’ve just found the holy grail – everybody is praising MS for bringing peace and prosperity to us unworthy mortals.

Like with this article at Supercomputing Online today. This article is full of buzzwords and absolute nonsense. Like the sentence “High-performance computing […] is about to become as readily available to auto designers and engineers as laptop programs.”

Oh yeah, those lucky car-designers! So what does this sentence mean? They go on further:

“With the introduction of Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, HPC will help the automotive industry implement brand-new methods to help achieve the following goals:

— Predict and prevent defects
— Improve collaboration
— Automate previously complex and arcane systems
— Gather real-time information from vehicles on the road”

So this is new with Windows’s approach to HPC? What new approaches?

“In a white paper released today […] experts […] offered predictions regarding the way HPC will be used with the availability of compute clusters — a collection of small servers that can be accessed from desktop or laptop computers.”

How could we ever live without Windows CCS 2003 I ask?

One of my favourite sentences:

“Until now, the expense and complexity of using HPC during design phases often has prohibited engineers from finding faults with components or systems until vehicles are on the road.”

So MS Windows CCS 2003 corrects errors in the design-model?

This article is absolute nonsense. Supercomputing Online should mark their articles as “advertisement” and stop hiding ads in supposed “serious” articles. I’m really disappointed.

It is about time to remind the people that Microsoft Windows CCS 2003 is nothing more than Microsoft’s implementation of MPI with a nice package and some pretty good management tools – but they didn’t invent the technology or reinvented the business or had a major breakthrough in cluster-technology. Please stop talking funny. Please calm down.

The quoted whitepaper wasn’t referenced.

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