Still WTF: Sipgate to *charge* for inbound SIP-calls

Note: This article is not correct; further support-requests revealed something else, see for details. –alex.

OK, all hell broke lose: Sipgate Germany is going to charge for inbound SIP-calls if the inbound call does not originate from a “partner network”.

My questions and their answers in german:

Hallo Herr Janssen,

> “bedeuetet dies, das eingehende SIP-Gespraeche ueber Internet von anderen
> Registraren, wie meinentwegen oder – so fern dies keine
> Partnernetze sind – auch ueber IP kostenpflichtig werden?”

Das ist richtig.

> “Was, wenn mich meine Frau von meiner Asterisk-Anlage auf meinem Laptop mit
> meinem Sipgate-VOIP Client erreichen will?”

Wenn Ihre Frau einen Sipgate Account dazu benutzt, bleibt das
Gespräch gebührenfrei.

I think they need serious consultancy, they apparently didn’t understand the concept of Voice over IP – or they just have some really unclever marketing which tries out new “business models”.

They are doooooooooooomed!


2 Responses to Still WTF: Sipgate to *charge* for inbound SIP-calls

  1. Fahrvergnügen says:

    Them charging for inbound SIP-calls is nonsense, inbound SIP calls to Sipgate SIP URIs simply don’t work anymore – so there is nothing to charge anyway :)

  2. Yes, you’re right – the Sipgate Support used a suggestive statement – they said “it’s not true that we’re not reachable anymore.” – what they didn’t say is HOW they’re reachable :)

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