WTF: Sipgate to ban inbound internet SIP-calls??

I just got this email from, a service which maps my SIP-address on my assigned phone-number in DNS:

We were notified this week that SipGate no longer allows calls to
their users by anyone else on the internet. While this is their
prerogative we have a few suggestions so you are still able to
receive calls in future.

An option would be to sign up with One of
their primary features allows you to register with multiple
providers similar to having your own asterisk setup.

Alternatively you are also able to point a host name at
your handset and by-pass upstream proxy server limitations.

Please note that all enum entries containing SipGate will be removed,
you will not need to re-verify your phone numbers, you will just
need to add new SIP URIs. Support

What the hell? This sounds pretty much like suicide to me! I don’t think that Sipgate is that stupid to piss of their customers?

Does anyone have more news on this?

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2 Responses to WTF: Sipgate to ban inbound internet SIP-calls??

  1. Fahrvergnügen says:

    Sipgate claims they had an increasing number of SPIT calls to their customers SIP URIs and that that is why they deactivated inbound SIP calls. Sounds like an excuse to me though, since I have several Sipgate accounts and never received any SPIT calls nor did I hear of anyone having these kind of problems.

  2. Fahrvergüngen: You’re most certainly right; i guess that they just want to extort interconnection-fees – something they can’t do like normal carriers can.
    It’s all about money, not protecting the customer.

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