Last LBW preparations

Hiking TuxTomorrow! Yes! Finally Kerstin and me are going to Lithuania to attend this year’s Linuxbierwanderung. Mary, the organizer, is already there and is having a good time.

We have just finished packing our stuff; i got lots of electronic gear with me, i hope i don’t get into trouble at the airport! Along with socks and underwear i got, including, but not limited, the following crap in my suitcase: 1 kg of capacitors, 1 kg of resistors, lots of cables, breadboard, assorted 74- and 40-series ICs, some AVR microcontrollers, boxes full of assorted electronic parts… Lot’s of stuff in short.

We just put all our stuff on the scale and we’re at about 43 kg… that’s about 2 kg of excess weight, i hope that they’re not going to charge us a fucking fortune for those 2 kg (especially if the worth of the capacitors and resistors was just 3 Euros at Radio Shack).

Kerstin is pissed off that se needs to check in all her personal hygiene stuff, like nail polish, nail polish remover, perfum because they baned all liquids in the plane. This is so absurd; at Boing Boing some people are reporting that the security guards take away your bottle of WATER because it could contain EXPLOSIVES and throw em in a BIN. It’s a a big fuck-up and i wouldn’t be surprised that this is a PLOT. Made up by Blair to secure his re-election. I’m so angry about this nonsense-security.

I can already imagine the guards face when my suitcases passes through the x-ray – i hope i don’t set off DECON 1 or similar shit.

And another thing is worrying me… somehow the whole rental-car issue is giving me a hard time. It’s no problem to get to Paluse, but Kerstin and me would like to have our own – or shared – car to be mobile. Ah well, I’m sure we’ll find a solution.

Next posting from Paluse!

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