LBW: Arrived Paluse

Hiking TuxWe finally made it to Paluse after quite some trip. I was a bit worried if i’d get problems with all my electronic gear ’cause all those security-bonzos go ballistic ’cause people have a bottle of water with ’em, but it all went smooth for most of us.

Our friend Antony had a problem though; he checked in at London Gatwick, headed to security and it took him so long that he missed his plane. We were waiting for him at Vilnius International Airport and thought that he’s still waiting for his baggage – but he wasn’t on that plane at all. Bugger. We found that out when a security guard allowed me to enter the secured area (!!!) and search for our friend. He wasn’t there, so we went to thze British Airways office were they told us that he wasn’t on the flight and that he was rescheduled to the same flight a day later. So he’ll come to Vilnius tomorrow, will meet Brian, take a bus to Ignalia where we’re going to fetch him later.

Checking into our hotel/room/appartment was an adventure on it’s own. There seemed to be a problem with the booking so that we got a temporary room until tomorrow – when we get our “luxury appartement”, yeeehaaa! It’s all a bit worn-out, let’s call it “Ostalgy” – although it’s clean, nothing to complain about.

We just arrived in the pub-of-the-day, having our first beer (“Kalnapilis Grand”) which is not to bad. Unfortunately the kitchen is already closed so that we can’t have dinner – a bit shitty considering that it’s just 21:32 local time…

Whatever, will post pictures later.

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