Those blasted insects!

Hiking TuxWe had a light hike on monday evening before the BBQ and i was bitten or stung by some unidentified insects. First it was just a red spot, then my right ankle started to swell like a friggin ballon. It got worse hour by hour; this morning i woke up at 0500 AM because my ankle was hurting – it was not only swollen but also really red which might indicate an inflammation.

Jens was so kind and drove me to the hospital in Ignalina where i was pushed around for some while until i met a doctor who spoke a little bit of german – good enough to tell me that i was bitten or stung by some poisonous insect and that i have a major inflammation and a hefty allergic reaction. My foot looks like i’d be the elephant-man and it hurts like hell.

The doctor prescribed me some steroids (some cortison-like stuff from Russia) to stop the inflammation and gave me lot’s of anti-hystamin as well. So if you see that mynext posting is full of random characters i fell asleep and banged my head on the keyboard.

A shame i missed the trip to Ignalina’s Chernobyl-type nuclear power station – i was really looking forward to it but instead i spend some time in a post-communistic hospital – which was probably *far* more interesting then the power station’s visitor-centre :-)

OK, i’m probably posting more regular now ’cause i can’t walk, hike or run and ’cause I’m pretty much stuck in the hall. Unfortunately the internet-connection sucks today, keeps flapping. Pesky Wifi-link up the hill.

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One Response to Those blasted insects!

  1. oxi says:

    Gute Besserung! Und nächstes Mal röstet ihr beim BBQ die Spinne…

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