Movie Plot Security: On the implausibility of the explosives plot

I’m still completly out-of-service because of that spider-bite (it apparently was one). Wireless network is working currently so i got lot’s of time to surf the net:)

A friend from IRC posted me an interesting article (thanks roam, good read!) by someone who’s really into chemistry and security and he completly dismantled the plausibility of the recent terrorist-plot. What he basically says is that the explosive which should’ve been used are impossible to synthesize on board of a plane.

It was claimed that the terrorists wanted to use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to create an oxidizer known as “piranha bath” – one of the most evil substances you can imagine – and mix it with acetone (aka “nail polish remover”) to create acetone peroxide, which is a nasty explosive.

The whole problem with this plot is that it’s almost impossible to mix those substances on a plane, the terrorist would kill himself – and probably only himself – while mixing the ingredients. No explosion? No fame for those pesky terrorist!

David also compiled a list of other substances which should’ve been banned in the first place because they are intended to kill people:

baby powder
replace with potassium cyanide + dry carboxylic acid – add water from the toilet – voilá! – hydrogen cyanide gas (aka the stuff some american states use in their gas-chambers)
elderly gentleman’s cane
Made of aluminum and iron oxide – aka termit! Burn a hole in the plane. Yay!
Laptop computers and mobile phones
Those wonderful lithium-ione batteries – crack open, mod a bit, instant hellfire
Liquor bottles
Molotov cocktails
Books, magazines, pants and shirts
nitrate it, make Nitrocellulose
The people’s colons and chests
Place to hide bombs

David’s conclusion:

“about as many people die in the US every month in highway accidents than have died in all our domestic terrorist incidents in the last 50 years. Untold numbers of people in the US are eating themselves to death and dying of heart disease, diabetes, etc.”

Happy terrorist hunting!

Edit: Added the “replace with” ’cause people were asking “wow, didn’t know that baby powder is that dangerous“.

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