Last post! (probably not)

Hiking TuxActually Mantas, one of the locals, invited everyone to a camp-fire thing on the camping-site but actually i didn’t feel like coming. Mantas: Sorry, couldn’t come. I mean, i really wanted to, but i already had quite a couple of drinks and my foot started swelling, so i decided to go back to my apartment, have a last drink (probably for the next couple of weeks) and read a bit in Terry Pratchet’s fantastic novel “Monstrous Regiment”.

Kerstin was quite tired too, so that fit somehow – she was busy with reading one of those Diana Gabaldon novels and just couldn’t stop reading. When i left the appartment to go to the hall she wanted to go for a swim in Lake Luse, but she just got stuck reading the book. Although it sounds like one of those scary women’s novel, i might give it a try – i believe in my wife’s taste so it can’t be that bad.

However, while sitting in the apartment i remembered Jens’ statement from a couple of days ago “I found a little strain of our wireless network in my apartment”. His apartment is just a couple of meters away from Kerstin’s and mine, so i thought i’d might give it a try and voila! There i am.

This was probably my last post for the next couple of days, I’m going to take a shitload of medication in the next couple of minutes – after taking them I’m going to be pretty fucked up.

Whoa, i just heard some noises on the floor so i opened the door and found Heike, Chris and Mike with their guitars – they want to go down to the beach, hope they have a good time. Mike splattered some water at me, next time i’m going to shove up some good old russian medication up his… sleeve.

Read you later.

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