My holiday is pretty much over :-(

Hiking TuxWoke up this morning, no pain but a foot in weird violet and blue colours. Got scared, took pictures and sent those pictures to my doctor at the tropical institute of the University of Düsseldorf – he looked over it and said that it looks like a so called “superinfection” to him and that i really should go and see the doctor again.

So Kerstin – along with Jens and my fellow translator Mykolas – drove me to the hospital in Ignalina again. Well the doctor inspected my wound and found it to be infected too, he also managed to explain me in a funny mixture of all imaginable languages that i have indeed an infection and an inflammation and that i need to take even more medicine. I’m now on a mix of Penicillin, Anti-Inflammation drugs, Anti-Hystamins and Cortison.

So, tonight will be my last night of drinking, from tomorrow on I’ll be completly fucked due to the medication. Arse, a Linuxbierwanderung without beer and hiking – that kinda sucks, although the Internet is working now.

For all the LBW-participants, this is a public service-annoucement: You may have noticed that the Internet isn’t working reliably at the moment, this is due to routing-problems of our upstream-provider. Please use the proxy which is written on the poster next to the hall’s door.

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