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Hiking TuxArrived Düsseldorf just about three hours ago, went directly to our local university to see a specialist ’cause of my fancy little souvenir from the Paluse-woods.

Still have that infection and the doctor found out that the antibiotics i got in Lithuania aren’t enough, so she prescribed me more drugs. Apparently i’m infected by multiple strains of bacteria and the antibiotics i was taking since thursday are only helping against certain strains. The new antibiotics is supposed to be some kind of Weapon of Mass-Destruction when it comes to killing bacteria.

They took blood-samples to check with what else i might be infected to improve the therapy but she said it might take weeks until I recover. In six weeks I’ll have to make yet other blood-tests to check if i got infected with meningitis (my fscking vaccination was expired!!!) or even got borreliosis. Since nobody actually knows what really bit me (although the spider-theory is popular) it can’t be ruled out that it was a tick-bite – and those little bastards can transmit lots of nasty crap. Blargh.

However, this LBW was really nice (although i was grounded for quite some time) – beer and food is cheap and good (greasy though – the food, not the beer), the people are really nice. Kerstin and me decided we’ll definetively come back to Paluse.

Jens and me also decided to go to St. Petersburg next April to watch the Ice Hockey World Championship preliminary rounds and generally to enjoy Russia. I decided to take some Russian-lessons too – i mean, why not? I’m not keen to learn french, chinese would be useful but i’d had to learn very hard for little effort, so russian sounds like fun to me.

The only thing which was quite a bite disappointing was that we actually didn’t build anything although i brought a shitload of electronics to Paluse – if i only brought that 25 MHz crystals you need to get the Ethernet-stuff running… I also missed the Ignalina Nuclear Power Station. I really wanted to see that. So not much hiking, not much hacking, but a fair amount of drinking. And i bought Chuck’s 8 dB Wifi-antenna – proven technology :) Need to get the correct pigtail though.

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  1. jj1 says:

    Beautiful pictures. Sounds like some wonderful travels. Were you able to find any other free wifi hotspots? I am putting together a list of free wifi locations in Lithuania… and other places. If you have any to add please do (its a wiki). Take a look here:

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