Busy writing handbooks & link roundup

Not much time for anything at the moment. I’m currently writing documentation for new products my company is selling, but which lack proper engineering-documents. So poor /me has to extract useful information from marketing-documents (Ha! I can’t say it without grimacing) and write some proper planning-manuals for our engineers. Life’s hard.

Nevertheless, here some unsorted links to news worth reading:

Astronomers Use Supercomputers To Study Atoms Linked To Black Holes
UA Physicists Invent ‘QuIET’- Single Molecule Transistors
ClearSpeed Breaks GigaFLOP per Watt Performance Barrier for Supercomputing
Cray Wins $52 Million Supercomputer Contract With National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
The Future of User-Directed SMP Parallel Programming : OpenMP 3.0
UA Physicists Invent Single Molecule Transistors
27th Edition of TOP500 List of World’s Fastest Supercomputers Released: DOE/LLNL BlueGene/L and IBM gain Top Positions
Astronomers Crunch Numbers, Universe Gets Bigger
NSF Funds LSU $1 Million for PetaShare Development

Some interesting blog-postings:

What is software pipelining?
A Discussion On Parallel Languages

I’ll write more when I’m out of the deep shit.

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