I hate my mobile-phone

I have a Sony-Ericsson K600i phone. I hate it. If 3G is enabled, it runs out of juice in less than three days if I’m not really using it. And now what that little bastard does to tell me that it’s almost out of energy? It blinks, it vibrates and makes a lot of noise. Thank you, Sony-Ericsson! You are soooooooo clever!

And the keys suck too. They’re just so damn small, you can barely press them with your fingers, you need to use the fingernails.

Although i have to admit that the rest of the phone is quite OK, i’ve had worse phones than this one. But the blinky-vibrating-no-energy-alert is stupid.

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4 Responses to I hate my mobile-phone

  1. pump says:

    I know what you mean with a cell phone like that. My cell phone runs out of battery power in less than 3 days also, and it makes a lot of noise that you can’t turn off. Some cell phones are just don’t work for some people. Even though I don’t like my phone, I am still glad I have one because my parents were not gonna get me one at all and it is so much easier to live life with a cell phone.

  2. hssaroch says:

    Sony Ericsson sucks big time when it comes to cell phones. I used t230 once, gave it up after less than a month. Have been a Motorolla guy since then.

  3. You are just like stupid. You used u r cell phone after using anything a man will get bored it is not u r false. It is mistake of god who created a human being like you.

  4. @kshivaprakash: *sigh* I accept your apology on your blog and i won’t further comment on it. Cheers, Alex.

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