Adobe releases security-update for Flashplayer

Via Heise Security:

Adobe releases a new version of their Flashplayer to plug a security-hole. This one is quite critical, a manipulated SWF-file can execute arbitrary code on the victim’s machine. Priviledge escaltion was not mentioned, but it’s bad enough. Apparently all platforms are affected.

The good news: There’s also an upgrade for the Linux- and Solaris-version available. Although still in their stinky old version. And fellow blogger Emmy Huang from Macromedia/Adobe still has to fulfill their promise to release a new Linux-version of the Flash-player… But releasing security-updates is a sign that they didn’t forget about us. Wonderful! :-)

Normally i wouldn’t blog about this, but my wife seems to be addicted to flashy games, especially the stuff at Neopets. I must admit that i couldn’t resist the urge to get an account there as well… ;)

Adobe Security Bulletin APSB06-11
Download Flash Player

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