Rosetta: Article “Deciphering Protein Structures”

Rosetta@home logoVia the NCSA:

The NCSA wrote a very easy to understand, yet quite complete article with explanations about David Baker’s Rosetta project, an theoretical approach to deduct a protein’s structure using computer-simulations.

Things I learned from this article:

  1. The code does not start with a “flat” protein-molecule, starting to wiggle it around, but with a “homologous known protein structure” as a starting point. I don’t understand if that’s good or bad, but it limits the permutations to be checked.
  2. David created a portal known as Robetta, where other biologists can submit their models to be crunched.
  3. The Rosetta-project (not to be confused with Rosetta@home) uses a lot of CPU-hours on NCSA’s clusters and supercomputers (Tungsten Linux Cluster, NCSA Condor Flock, and now possibly TeraGrid resources)

However, quite a nice read, go and grab it while it’s hot!

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