Mini-LBW in Düsseldorf in December?

Hiking TuxVia

Yesterday we were discussing the possibility of another Mini-LBW in Düsseldorf in December-time. I’d immediately said “yes, I’d be happy to organize one!” and started to think of a possible agenda. But first comes the date – possible dates are the weekend 8th-10th or 15th-17th of December.

Stuff we could do on in Düsseldorf besides the usual “drinking & sightseeing”-part:

  1. Visiting the Neanderthal Museum, which is close to the orginal site where the first Neanderthal-skeletons were found
  2. Hiking around the Neanderthal, if the weather permits
  3. PGP Keysigning Party with the local LUG
  4. Visiting the various Christmas Markets
  5. Pissup in the Düsseldorf Altstadt (“Die längste Theke der Welt“)
  6. Visiting a brewery (? need to check that)
  7. Profit!

Available beers in Düsseldorf: In Düsseldorf most of the people drink Altbier, an dark and bitter flavoured ale. Traditional breweries in Düsseldorf are, amongst others, Uerige, Schumacher, Schlüssel and Füchschen.

I’m going to prepare an official annoucement on the LBW mailinglist by this weekend.


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