Music: Lost known good configuration

I just bought – via Paypal – the latest Paniq-album. “Lost Known Good Configuration” is a nice album, i really liked it; it’s not as good as Paniq’s former album – “Neurons: Fire at will” – but still a pretty good hear. And it’s CC-licensed!

Well anyway, I like the music so i decided to buy the album. Clicked on Paypal, 5 Euros, not to bad – clicked on “buy” – YIKES!!!! I almost pissed my pants! Could it be possible, that *I* became victim of a phishing-attack? :-)
Apparently not. However, funny as shit, that guy has style.

Bloody fucking scary Paypal-message


2 Responses to Music: Lost known good configuration

  1. paniq says:

    you know what’s kind of funny? that this is the exit page of a different “product”

    it belongs to this site:

    thanks for notifying me about the bug… i really wonder how paypal could mess this up.

  2. paniq says:

    i found the problem. paypal saves the last return-to-site settings and suggests them for the next item being set up. yay.

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