Mini-LBW roundup, random notes

Hiking TuxHello from Luxembourg. Had quite a nice day here with some hiking, lots of beer, a very nice dinner (duckbreast with honeysauce, Yum Yum) and more beer. Eventually (like at 01:00AM) the rest of the gang started to wimp out, muttering words i wouldn’t have expected (“tired”, “no more beer for me”, “sleepy”). Uh come on! :-)

Whatever, I’m sitting in my hotelroom updating myself and giving in to my obvious internet-addiction. One of the other attendees has his room right next to mine and he has fucking Ethernet in his room! I haven’t! But he was so kind to share it with us and rigged up an accesspoint which he brought with him (from all the way down from Sweden to this place: That’s what i call absolute geekyness and devotion!).

Well, we’re all having a great time, got drunk, went to that “Quetschefest” (“Plum Fest”), had more beer, went onto two hikes (you just wouldn’t believe it!), went to the bar, got kicked out. Yay! Fun, fun, plum!

Some random links:

  • The food in that restaurant where we had dinner this evening is really decent and not too pricy considering the quality of the food. Two beers, tomato-soup as a starter and chickenbreast in honeysauce for 25 Euros. Name is “Grand Hôtel de la Poste Hotel du Chateau”.
  • “Battin” Bier by Gambrinus is piss.
  • The whole Tor-situation with redirected/hijacked traffic seems to escalate; however, It’s my free not-really-IT-weekend and I won’t bother about it for today.
  • Larochette is a very nice small village, although a bit expensive. It could be a possible location for an LBW in the future, but we’d have to investigate a bit more; there’s not much here.
  • The castle “Fels” up the hill in Larochette is worth a visit. Will post pictures later.
  • The hotel “Op der Bleech” is nice too: They even got Ethernet in some rooms. Single rooms start at 55 Euros/night.
  • I opened yet another bottle of Battin-piss and just say good night – and let’s hope that my buddy next door doesn’t complain again about my snoring.

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