Search Engine Term roundup

Alright, I’m regulary inspecting with what search engine terms the people show up on this site. The search engine terms became quite interesting in the last couple of months, especially after the TOR-news broke.

I’m going to discuss today’s terms.

1. chlid pron
I have no idea why he ended up here, but i guess that this is because of my TOR-rant quite some time ago.

2. +”It is NOT certain that the key belongs
OK, this is a GPG-related question. If you import a an GPG/PGP/whatever key to GPG and when you’re about to sign the public-key GPG will ask the question: “It is NOT certain that the key belongs to the person named in the user ID. If you *really* know what you are doing, you may answer the next question with yes.”
What does this mean? This means that GPG wasn’t able to verify the key until some certain level of trust. For you, as the user, it has one important consequence: You really should check the key’s fingerprint for correctness. Let’s say your buddy sends you his public key via email. How can you verify that the email wasn’t deleted before it was forwarded to you and replaced by another key, from the evil BND or NSA? This is where fingerprints come in. Every keypair – means your public- and private-key-pair – has a fingerprint which can be inspected using the “gpg –fingerprint $id” command. What you should do is: Your friend uses “gpg –fingerprint” and give you the fingerprint via the phone, or on paper, some other means of communication than email. If you receive his public-key via email you just check if the fingerprint from the import command – which gives you the nasty question “If you *really* know what you are doing, you may answer the next question with yes.” – with the fingerprint your gal gave you on the phone. If they’re equal you can be sure that this is the key she or her created.

3. SOCKS tunnelling through TOR
Well a bit far off; TOR implements SOCKS. Just point your browser to localhost:9050, set SOCKS5, go for it.

4. tor howto
I didn’t write one, but there are plenty of howtos on the net.

5. danted no methods enabled (total block)
Hm, not sure what that means, but this seems to be related to the danted SOCKS-implementation.

6. HPC
Come on in, have a seat and take a cookie.

7. tunnel tor
Yeah well, whatever that means, but you might want to look into all the TOR-topics I’ve covered so far.

8. childporn
Oh come on, bugger off. Not here.

9. tor
You can also use the tag-search feature for Tor, that’s more reliable :)

10. socks5 theory of operation
Oh, that’s an interesting one and i could talk for hours and hours. However, Wikipedia has quite a nice and understandable article about that topic.

OK, that’s it for the search-terms. Interesting what stuff shows up in your logfiles. Where compromising as well if you consider the child-porn crap. That information in the wrong hands… Evil.


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