Cray’s petascale “Hood” XT-4 released

Cray Inc.Via

Cray’s first computer of their Rainier-line was annouced today, offering a peak-power of 1-Peta-FLOPS. Cray wants to consolidate all of their supercomputer product-lines in their “Rainier”-program, an effort to establish Opterons and Seastar2 technology. The XT-4, also nicknamed “Hood”, will have up to 30,000 dual-core Opteron CPUs and insane amounts of RAM.

XT-4 is now up for sale, although Cray already admitted that they have a backlog of outstanding deliveries.

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2 Responses to Cray’s petascale “Hood” XT-4 released

  1. Geeklawyer says:

    How much is a petaflop? (too lazy to look up peta)

    Wonder what it costs? will I still have money left over from this months salary cheque?

  2. Oi Geeklawyer,

    one Peta-FLOPS (there ain’t no FLOP, there’s only the FLOPS-plural:) is 1,000 Tera-FLOPS, which is 1,000,000 Giga-FLOPS. For comparison: A 3-GHz Pentium-4 has about 12 Giga-FLOPS.

    The machine will be quite unaffordable for us mortals; If you have a look at the setup the ORNL ( already has an XT-3 codenamed “Jaguar” (see which has currently a performance of around 54-Tera-FLOPS, making it the number 10 in the TOP500 ( Jaguar will be upgraded to 250-Tera-FLOPS by the end of 2007 or the beginning of 2008. The US-govt. signed a 200-million-USD just for the upgrade, so go figure… :-)

    Also that machine is not cheap to operate, the electricity and aircon-requirements are demanding. With 200 TFLOPS the machine will gobble up around 2,300 kVA and push out something like 1.8 MW/h of heat[1]. In total you’ll need a medium-sized power-plant to operate it.

    Cheers, Alex.

    [1] 22.9 kVA power-consumption per cabinet, 1 TFLOPS per cabinet, 200 cabinets assumed.

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