Update: Mini-Linuxbierwanderung 12/8 – 12/10 – details

Hiking Tux


Hi all!

I’m kinda busy so I make it short: We’ll be meeting up on friday vening at 18:00 in the restaurant “Uel” on the Ratingerstrasse 16:http://tinyurl.com/t2r8m

It’s about a 5-minute-walk from the subway-station Heinrich-Heine-Allee”, which is about 500 metres south of the Ratinger Strasse (can’t miss the big blue U-sign).

It wasn’t possible to make a reservation anywhere because of all the corporate xmas-parties, so we might end up somewhere else later. Contact me via email to get my mobile-phone number.

The Neanderthal-thing will happen on saturday morning at 11:15; we’ll meet up at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) on platform 13 at 9:45. Buy a B-ticket first and validate it, you can’t do that on the train!

10:04 Düsseldorf Hauptbahn via “S-Bahn S28” in direction “Mettmann Stadtwald S”
10:23 At “ME-Zentrum S” get of the S-Bahn and go to the Bus Platform 1 (“ME-Zentrum S Bstg. 1”)
10:46 Take the Bus 741 in direction “Hilden Südfriedhof”.
~10:50 Get off at the station “Neanderthal/Museum”.

We’ll be busy in the Museum for around 1.5h – 2h. The restaurant cross the street opens at 13:00 so we could have lunch there too.

I’m still trying to arrange a visit in a brewerey for after lunch, ith no luck so far (I’m just too damn busy). After lunch we’ll head or the Altstadt to visit the Christmas-markets. It’s up to you where e spend our time in the evening.

OK, in case you got questions, drop me a line.

Hi gang!

December’s Mini-Linuxbierwanderung is close and I know that i promised to send details like a couple of weeks ago, I was just so damn busy with work an everything, you probably can imagine *sigh*. So here, finally, the schedule, more information and everything. If you still have questions, drop me a note via email or poke me on IRC.

Kerstin has compiled a list of hotels in Düsseldorf which aren’t that expensive and which were available at the time she checked it, so here the list:

The hotels:

Hotel Haus Hillesheim (Location)
Jahnstrasse 19
+49 211 386860
Single without Shower/Toilet (shared facilities) per night including breakfast EUR 35.-
Double without Shower/Toilet (shared facilities) per night including breakfast EUR 60,-

Hotel Schaum (Location)
Gustav-Poensgenstrasse 63
+49 211 313068
Single per night (breakfast not mentioned) EUR 30,-
Double per night (breakfast not mentioned) EUR 55,-

Appartmenthouse Rödig (Location)
Jahnstrasse 70
+49 211 384488-0 or +49 211 377773
Category B appartment (1-2 persons) per night and person EUR 45,-
Internet-access on request

Youth-Hostel (Deutsches Jugendherbergwerk) (Location)
Düsseldorferstrasse 1
+49 211 1697990
All bookings without breakfast – baseprice EUR 22,-
Shared room EUR 22,-
Single room EUR 22,- + EUR 14,50
Double EUR 22,- + EUR 4,10
With breakfast – baseprice EUR 27,10
Shared room EUR 27,10,-
Single room EUR 27,10 + EUR 14,50
Double EUR 27,10- + EUR 4,10

Berliner Hof City *** (Location)
Ellerstrasse 110
Single per night (breakfast not mentioned) friday EUR 52,-, saturday EUR 46,-

Dorint Novotel Seestern **** (Location)
Niederkassler Lohweg 179
Single room (no breakfast mentioned) per night and person EUR 43,-
Double toom (no breakfast mentioned) per night and person ranging from EUR 48,- till EUR 51,-

Mondial Hotel *** (Location)
Near Hauptbahnhof (Düsseldorf Central Station)
Graf Adolf Strasse 82
Single room (no breakfast mentioned) EUR 39,-
Double room (no breakfast mentioned) EUR 65,-

The plan:

Friday evening: I’m still trying to book this beertour thing, with no result yet; will keep on trying. Alternatively we can just do a bit site-seeing and have a beer later in one of the various pubs in the Altstadt. Update: Since several people from various LUGs around the area will attent, we’ll have a BoF at a yet-to-be-announced location. Stay tuned for updates.

Saturday morning: I propose visiting the Neanderthal-Museum followed by a hike through the beautiful landscape if the weather permits. Transfer will be by public transport (bus) so we need to make up a time when we should meet. Lunch either in the Museum’s cantine, in the restaurant on the other side of the street or somewhere else.

Saturday afternoon: Visiting the christmas-markets everywhere in town.

Saturday evening: Pubcrawl through the Altstadt, maybe meeting up the local LUG for PGP-keysigning.

Sunday: No plans yet, wishes? We could visit the Aquazoo, a big aquarium with penguins, sharks and such…

How to get around Düsseldorf:

Best way to get around in Düsseldorf is by public transport and to get a so called “Gruppenticket B” which is valid for five persons the whole day and costs EUR 14,50.
Introduction to tickets and tariff-plans (PDF)
Ticket pricelist (PDF)

The tariff-system is quite easy: For journeys inside Düsseldorf you need an A-ticket, for the Neanderthal-thing (which is outside Düsseldorf) you need a B-ticket. If you want to get to Dortmund-airport or some other city in the region, you need a C-ticket. (Cologne-Bonn/CGN and Weeze-airport/NRN are not part of that system, you need a different ticket for those destinations!)

If you want to get into town from the airport you need to buy an A-ticket.

S-Bahn LogoHow to get from Düsseldorf Airport into town (DUS):

No matter on which terminal you arrive, you have two options:

  1. Follow the sign to the subway-station where the S-Bahn S7 departs, get off at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)
  2. Take the skytrain to the station “Fernbahnhof” and get on the S-Bahn S1 in direction Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof.
  3. You could also take the Bus 721 to Düsseldorf Central Station.
  4. A cab to the city costs around 30 Euros.
  5. Rental car agencies are in the arrival area; car-prices vary from EUR 40,-/day till $whatever_you_can_imagine.


Always buy a ticket first and invalidate it at those little orange automatic stamp-boxes (OK, this one is blue, they’re orange nonetheless). Do not attempt to get on the train without a ticket which doesn’t have a stamp from that stamp-box on it! Fine is 60 Euros + criminal charge. You can’t buy tickets on the train! Do yourself a huge favour and buy a ticket, the stormtroopers of the public-transport system are not known for their humor!

How to get to Düsseldorf from Weeze-airport (NRN):

Follow the directions from the airport’s website.

How to get to Düsseldorf from Cologne-airport (CGN):

Follow the directions from the airport’s website. Generally, get to the ICE train-station, go to Colgone Central Station (“Hauptbahnhof”) and change to the S-Bahn S6 or to the (more expensive) ICE to Düsseldorf.

Driving in and around Düsseldorf:

You better not… Parking-space is rare and expensive, so if your hotel doesn’t offer you a parking-lot you might get into trouble. However, if you can’t resists the urge, this pointers might be of your interest:

ADAC (german chapter of the international car club)
Current situation of public parking-lots in Düsseldorf city

OK, hope to see you soon. Please tell me by wednesday, the 6th of December, if you’re coming or not so that I can book stuff accordingly. Also tell me when you arrive.

Cheers, Alex.

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