HPC roundup

It’s been quite some time, I haven’t blogged much. I’m currently comitted in a project where we’re deploying a couple of new components at a german Telco; a new cluster, a new Network Management System and some kind of Layer-7 Proxy. This keeps me busy, I apologize to my regular readers for the lack of upgrades. So, here a little roundup of things which happened in the last 6 weeks or so.

OK, let’s get started; first there was SC06, which was quite some happening I’ve missed this year. Interesting hardware was the Intel SR1530 systems for example; eight bloody cores in one 1HU-case. Nifty! SiCortex announced a 5832 MIPS-core system for the masses – the SC5832 offers 5.8 TFLOPS (peak) at just 20 kW of power-consumption trough using power-ompitzed MIPS64 cores. Nvidia showed of with CUDA, a library for offloading computing to the GPU and Dell annouced systems with quad-core Opterons. And there was news about IBM’s 1350 hybrid CBE-blade-system.

Considering the HPC/SC-business there wasn’t much in my opinion. First, NEC announced a cooperation with SUN, which I already covered earlier. Unfortunately NEC still didn’t comment on my questions, maybe I’m not worthy enough. Cray fortified it’s DARPA-commitments through getting another 250-million-USD contract with it’s Adaptive Supercomputing Initiative. Bull sold another 43 TFLOPS supercomputer to the french (CCRT). Yeah, and there was that nifty supercomputer in a chapel, Mare Nostrum in Spain. Quite some location for a supercomputer!

On the software-front we had the annoucement from SUN for a new SUN Grid Engine 6.1; XenSource unveils a couple of new virtualization-products.

Conference related stuff: ISC 2007 issued it’s call for papers. Top500.org released it’s BOF-session slides.

So how was the year 2006 for the HPC-business? HPC-wire has a round-up.

OK, that’s it for now; merry belated christmas, a happy new year – your’s truly,
Alexander Janßen.


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