SUN annouces new HPC-language

f77Via Heise Newsticker:

SUN just announced it’s new programming language, “Fortress“, which is supposed to be the successor to FORTRAN. The emphasize lies on parallel computing.


Fortress is a new programming language designed for high-performance computing (HPC) with high programmability. In order to explore breakaway approaches to improving programmability, the Fortress design has not been tied to legacy language syntax or semantics; all aspects of HPC language design have been rethought from the ground up. As a result, we are able to support features in Fortress such as transactions, specification of locality, and implicit parallel computation, as integral features built into the core of the language. Features such as the Fortress component system and test framework facilitate program assembly and testing, and enable powerful compiler optimizations across library boundaries. Even the syntax and type system of Fortress are custom-tailored to modern HPC programming, supporting mathematical notation and static checking of properties such as physical units and dimensions, static type checking of multidimensional arrays and matrices, and definitions of domain-specific language syntax in libraries. Moreover, Fortress has been designed with the intent that it be a “growable” language, gracefully supporting the addition of future language features. In fact, much of the Fortress language itself (even the definition of arrays and other basic types) is encoded in libraries atop a relatively small core language.

A reference implementation (an interpreter, written in Java), is available at the project’s homepage under the BSD-license.

Haven’t looked into it yet, but I’ll definitively will. Stay tuned for updates.

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One Response to SUN annouces new HPC-language

  1. Christopher says:

    Fortress is in a class of languages being developed for DARPA’s HPCS program; the other two are Chapel (Cray) and X10 (IBM). Since Sun recently received word that they would not advance to the next round of funding in HPCS, it made sense for them to release their wares as open source.

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