Schily, Schily, oy oy oy

My “favourite” politician, Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble, Home Secretary of Germany, was interviewed by the newspaper TAZ.

I almost spilled my coffee over my keyboard while reading the interview. I knew that he’s absolutely for Law and Order but I couldn’t imagine that he’s that ignorant about what the citizen think about his plans to introduce a governmental trojan horse, which should infiltrate terrorist’s computers. It’s about security, isn’t it? (And the children. And world peace. Are you against the children or what? Either your’re with us or the terrorist.)

Some examples:

TAZ: Mr. Schäuble, are you Germany’s highest ranked hacker?
Schäuble: No, I don’t get into any computer, and frankly I don’t really know how the police is doing that. I barely know what a trojan horse is.

TAZ: Are you afraid of those so called trojans, means e-spionage software?
Schäuble: No, in general I never open attachments in email, where I’m not sure about it’s origin. And also I’m a decent guy, the BKA [German Federal Police] doesn’t need to send trojans to me.

TAZ: 10,000 citizen are planning to file a constitutional complaint against the mandatory data retention. Don’t you get contemplative about that?
Schäuble: That doesn’t bother me any more.

Once again I’m totally convinced that the politicians don’t give a damn about the citizen’s opinion. They try to justify every surveillance measurement with the terrorism/child-porn/internet pirate argument.

To quote Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm v. Brandenburg:

“Es ist dem Untertanen untersagt, den Maßstab seiner beschränkten Einsicht an die Handlungen der Obrigkeit anzulegen.”
(Flaky translation: “It’s forbidden to the subject to apply the standard of his limited views to the acts of the authorities”)

Happy hacking.

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One Response to Schily, Schily, oy oy oy

  1. dorigo says:

    Wow. I wonder if he’s commissioned any polls before embarking in this venture. Politicians these days have become more creative, but that is not necessarily a good thing… Tremonti, the former italian minister of Finances, was bringing us to bankruptcy with his “creative financing”. Beware.


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