Steven Weinberg in “The Atheism Tapes”

Via Theoretically Speaking!:

Usually I’m not engaging in the “Science vs. Religion”-debate. I find this whole conversation utterly stupid because it’s a contradiction, I don’t feel that there’s really something to be said about. My opinion is that science and religion are just not compatible. Science is about finding a truth whereas religion is – how I understand it – obeying dogmas, not questioning “the ultimate truth” from some acient scrolls. Science is alway questioning their theorys, trying to find evidences if the theory matches to the observations we make – and if you don’t find any, search further or dump it for another theory which fits more to reality as we observe it.

However, via Cpehlevan’s Blog I found this very fine interview with Professor Steven Weinberg, a distinguished physicist who got the Nobel Price for discovering the electroweak force, with the BBC about Science and Religion and why he thinks they’re incompatible too (although for plenty of other reasons compared to me – he’s smarter than me after all:)

The interview is lengthy, about 30 minutes, but it’s a good watch.


One Response to Steven Weinberg in “The Atheism Tapes”

  1. The one good thing about Science versus Superstition “debates” is that baiting religious fools is great fun.

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