This is totally off-topic, I’m just showing off:

Bhut Jolokia

Fig. 1: Bhut Jolokia, the hottest Chili in the world. Rated 1 million Scoville.

My collection of Chilis

Fig. 2: My collection of Capsicum-plants. From left to right: Bhut Jolokia (Capsicum chinense), Lemon Drop (Capsicum baccatum), Jalapeno TAM (Capsicum annuum)

Now i just have to make sure that they don’t cross-breed… I want a real Jolokia, not some kind of hybride-fruit.

I can’t wait for the fruits… *drool*

4 Responses to Chili-madness

  1. bart says:

    hi there.
    could u tell me where i can buy the seeds fot the bhut jolokia peppers?
    regards bart

  2. Red Icculus says:

    Did they have any problems setting fruit? I heard they fruit poorly.

  3. Hot Al says:

    Where can I get them in Toronto, Canada?

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