Dangerdeep 0.3.0 Release Candidate 3 available for testing

OK, this is so off-topic, but nevermind.

For a couple of months now I’m working with the guys of the game “Danger from the Deep“, a world-war-2 submarine simulation game. I happened to become some kind of “boss-tester” and also care about the latest release, 0.3.0. You know how it works with FOS-projects.
However. The game’s really gorgeous, believe me.

However, we’re about to release version 0.3.0; the current version is 0.3.0-RC3 which is basically a freezed codebase. Just some minor issues will be resolved for the final 0.3.0 release. See some screenshots:

For more screenshots see the still inofficial screenshot-page.

If you want to try the lates release candidate of Danger from the Deep, you can download the sources.

If you want ot file bugreports, you might want to see this page.

Cheers, Alex.


3 Responses to Dangerdeep 0.3.0 Release Candidate 3 available for testing

  1. dorigo says:

    Hi Alex,
    great shots! If you need some more beta testing drop me a line…

  2. Hi T!
    Actually we always need testers who are willing to spend a couple of hours per week to check out the latest CVS-releases and do some regression-tests when a bug was fixed.
    But first of all, 0.3.0 was released right after I left for Oz :) The annoucement and binaries are here: https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=706527
    For a start you should try to check out if you’re able to build the software on your machine. It time-consuming and sometimes tireing to check out, build and test latest devlopment-software, I know, but it’s always worth a try. For instructions how to build the software refer to http://www.dangerdeep.net/documentation.php
    If you’re stuck, drop me a line or hop by on IRC at #dangerdeep on Freenode.net.
    Cheers from Melbourne and no worries,

  3. DcProject says:

    Mira el programa (juego) esta bien en grafica Pero hay errores en los comandos que no se han reparado como por ejemplo; al ejecutar la vercion 0.3.0 da el menu pero al elegir mision los comandos se cierran y cierra todo volviendo al escritorio si tu as reparado este error o comentalo en este site, el juego tiene fama , buena grafica y buen motor pero el problema es esa falsa lectura de comando y el cierre de este.

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