A bloody nightmare

Just back from Oz, jetlagged, work kept piling up, a bit ill and now that. Yesterday we got a call from a plumber telling us that the ceiling of the neighbor living benath us has a huge ugly-looking wet spot. They send out a plumbing-SWAT team which basically ripped out the wooden floor in our living room, craked open the tiles in our bath-room, leaving behind a huge bloody hole down in our bathroom to my neighbor’s living-room.p6270130.png

Now the whole thing has to remain open for a couple of weeks to allow the concrete dry out. Next tuesday a couple of specialist will come to check if the wooden floor can be rescued or if everything is already that rotten so that everthing has to be ripped out.

It’s a nightmare! We already had a wet spot on our wall in the living room in January. People came to examine the situation, banged open the wall – a hole the size of – about 3m x 50cm – just to claim it was just condensed water – leaving a big hole in our wall for almost 2 months until someone felt like closing the hole. And now we figure out that the root-cause was actually a broken sewer-pipe beneath our floor.

p6270132.pngWhy we didn’t notice anything? Because the pipes are layed over the conrete floor, above that 5cm of wood, above that PVC, above that a carpet. So the sewage had months of time to soak through the ceiling.

Why a broken pipe? We had constand problems with our shower-drain. The pipes weren’t correctly layed so that they clogged up every other month. The plumbers we called to clean the pipe apparently cracked a T-fitting and also somehow managed to pull a pipe out of it’s fitting on some very other location. So we had two leaks, allowing the water from our bathroom and kitchen to flood the space beneath our floor.

What next? Leave the holes open for 2-6 weeks. Problem is that a) I’m sick of it and b) I have cats – I just can’t lock the cats in my bedroom for the next coupe of weeks. So I bought some kind of wire-fence and closed the whole with a stapler in my living-room and with a make-shift wooden frame in the bathroom.





3 Responses to A bloody nightmare

  1. Rowerle says:

    BierchenTierchen, sag mal (sorry for all those don’t understanding German, but the target gag is in German …), Du kennst doch bestimmt “Paul Panzer”. Der hat mal eine Folge hingelegt, wo er sich selbst kaum vor Lachen halten konnte …
    Und da ging es um eine Feuchtraumbeseitigung. Wenn Du magst, dann schicke ich es dir mal.

    Anyway, I wish you good luck with the drying. There are machines for forcing the drying process. An old neighbor once had the problem with a broken/burst fresh water pipe in the kitchen and was informed by another neighbor from below where the water was already dripping ….
    And for drying the parquet they got a professional heater for some weeks – during hot summer period.
    So, remember the good old phrase: “And out of the Chaos a voice spoke to me: ‘Smile and be happy, it could be worse!’ – And I smiled and got happy … and it came worse…”

  2. […] room Er… OK, that might be related to the terror I suffered of when I had the broken sewer pipes beneath the floor of my apartment […]

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    A bloody nightmare | Blog of too many things

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