Gedankenexperiment: Why travelling near light-speed is a bad idea

EinsteinA couple of friends and me were quite in a jolly mood so we came up with this idea:

Travelling near light speed is bad for humans. The electrons of the atoms which make up the human body gain a lot of energy – but eventually, when you reach your destination, you need to pull the brake. Where should all the excess energy go which the electrons piled up? Bloody Bremsstrahlung which’ll harm the body :)

Next time I need to do some calculations how much radition you’d pile up at certain speeds relative toc.

Stay tuned for more drunken theories.

Tell me about your concerns!


1) Tonnie pointed out that he’d be more concerned about debris in space on your path. I agree with him, although that’s a lame excuse not going to space :)

2 Responses to Gedankenexperiment: Why travelling near light-speed is a bad idea

  1. Rowerle says:

    ok, and now my 2 cents (as kindly requested … with the brand new sharpened knife…)
    Due to my job I’m concerned on how you will get the FDA/TSA/UL/CE – and many other of course- certs for getting the allowance on take off. Before you worry about medicine, and you’ll have to take a lot of medical devices with you, you should first think on getting the damn certs — and that’s not as easy as you think; even if you do only a 510(k) …
    If you finally know how to get those labels, the rest would be now problem at all and with the help of Scotty (who did return to earth) it will be just a few joke.
    May the Forth be with you!

  2. Rowerle: I have no bloody idea what you’re talking about, so I award you:
    The Award of the Weirdest Off-Topic-Comment ever! :-)

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