Receipe: Mushroom and Turkey Ragout with Spätzle

It’s food time! I have quite a lot of hobbies, one of it is cooking. Yeah, I really like to cook. And I like to persuade people to do more real cooking instead of using deepfried food. So, for a start, I’d like to share this recipe with you I improvised today: Mushroom and Turkey Hen Ragout in red wine with Spätzle.

Ingredients for two persons:

400 g of Turkey Hen cuttings (preferably breast)
4 big Champignons
200 g of Chanterelle mushrooms
5 Scallions
100 ml of creme
Some dry red wine
400 g of dried Spätzle
200 ml of Maggi clear broth (you could also use real Turkey stock)


  1. cut the turkey into small stripes, like 2 cm x 1 cm. The thinner, the better.
  2. chop the scallops
  3. slice the mushros into small pieces as well.
  4. Heat up a pan at full throtle and put some oil in it
  5. Start boiling 3 litres of slighty salted water for the Spätzle
  6. Fry the turkey until it developed some brownish colour
  7. Now add some the scallops and mushrooms – let it fry for a minute – put more into it – fry again – basically don’t fry them at once so that the pan doesn’t cool down to much.
  8. The water for the Spätzle should be boiling down, put the Spätzle in at let it slowly cook for 10 – 12 minutes.
  9. In the meantime, put the red wine into the ragout after your taste; I used about 100 ml of a very nice 2006 Bordeaux by Baron Rothschild (4.90 Euros the bottle)
  10. Reduct the ragout, add the creme. If the ragout is still to liquid, bond it with flour or sauce thickener.
  11. When the Spätzle are done the ragout should be done too.
  12. Serve with the red wine.

Bon appetit!

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