Tor madness reloaded

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Update^2: I want to point out one thing: The investigations about “computer fraud” are not related to the other case. It’s not that they try to find some other accusation to sue me in any case. Lots of people were raising that rumour: It’s not true. — alex.

As you, my regular reader, might now, I run a Tor-server in Germany. I already had some experience with the german Feds, the BKA, regarding the childporn-crackdown earlier this year. I blogged about it and even erlier I wrote a sentence – which was merley a superstition – from which I thought “this can’t possibly happen in Germany”:

“[…] the last thing I want to experience is the police kicking down my door, seizing my computer.”

I also wrote, in another posting:

“My TOR-server is still running, pushing 40GB/day around. I’m not going to shut it down for whatever reason.”

However, I have to retreat from my arguments.

On Sunday morning, 00:15 AM, July the 29th, someone knocked on my door very hard. I just came back from a pub-crawl with a friend from the UK, was quite drunk, opened the door and just heard “Police!”. They entered my appartment, cuffed me and started to search my flat. My wife was scared to death. I was held in my own kitchen for almost 30 minutes asking “WTF is that about?” when they just said “Calm down, we’ll explain everything later”.

Minutes later they explained me that I’m suspected of placing a bomb-threat at a german copper-forum called – a forum I never heard about. They accused me of posting shit like “I’ll plant a bomb in the department of work” and that I was about to cut-throat (or something like that, I can’t remember, I was drunk) a worker from that department. (Edit: The posting at doesn’t seem to be accessible. Since my lawyer doesn’t have the files yet, I don’t know what exactly was posted. The german police doesn’t hand over the files to the suspect, he has to hire a layer to see the files.)

I explained them that I was a Tor-operator and what Tor is about. I showed them the letters from the Feds from the earlier incident to proove that I’m not bullshitting them. However, the coppers weren’t not so much into Tech-stuff and told me that a forensic unit will care about all my equippment. They searched everything: My attic, my office, my car, they digged through my wifes underwear, they found my old chmistry books very interesting, the flak-vest I own which I use when I go to strange countries, they found the fertilizer which I use for my chilli-plants, my microcontroller-experiments looked like an IED to them: Basically, EVERYTHING was suspicious.

They installed a new lock on my office’s door, although I eplained them that my Tor-server was running in a totally different city, like 500 km away! Funny enough, that server wasn’t confiscated. Ah, and I’m supposed to pay for the new lock. WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT.

Eventually – after 30 minutes maybe – they took off the cuffs and brought me to the police-barracks for interrogation. I explained there for hours what the hell I’m doing, what Tor is and all the crap. I spare you the details. I was drunk and the interrogation-protocol might be a bit embarrassing for me.

However. Hours later, on the same sunday, someone from the “Staatsschutz” (something like the DHS) of the city of Düsseldorf came to unlock my door, telling me something like “uh, we screwed up, sort of”. That’s not what he said, but that’s the bottomline.

So much for the incident.

The consequences: I’ve shut down my Tor-server. I can’t do this any more, my wife and I were scared to death. I’m at the end of my civil courage. I’ll keep engaged in the Tor-project but I won’t run a server any more. Sorry. No.

So, so much for my arrest. Now the same storyline continued.

I was at the Linuxbierwanderung 2007 in Crete last week. I held a talk about Tor and the legal implications running a server (slides here).

Thursday I was still sitting in the car driving through Austria back to Germany when my wife called me up “we have another letter”. This time the accusation is “computer fraud”. I don’t know any details yet, but I’m supposed to show up for interrogation next thursday. My lawyer is informed. Details when I can tell them.

So, so sum up everything: I was arrested. They scared my wife. They consfiscated all my equippment. They stopped the investigation. I’m sitting on a pile of bills from my lawyer no one except me has to pay. I’ll sue for compensation, but I don’t think that this will lead anywhere. I’m now accused of something else. Horray! Bloody hell. I still love my country, but it’s bitching around.

From my point of view the german police is even more than incompetent++. They aren’t able to do the most simple investigations. Pre-checks for plausibilty don’t exist. This is so stupid.

Ah, and on a sidenote: My lawyer is still waiting for the files of the bomb-threat incident. Although the investigations against me were stopped. Wonderful!

Düsseldorf, September the 16th,
Alex “Yalla” Janßen.

Edit^3: On a sidenote – some people accused me of not knowing what I’m talking about when I said that the police was incompent when it came to this incident. Let me get this straight: I’m qualfied to comment on this, I’m working in the computer security business and I know how to do real investigations. The first thing to check is if the server in question is an open relay or some anonymisation service. So stop this stupid bullshit. Just check the hostname “” in your favourite search-engine and on the first hits it’s reveiled that this is a Tor-server. You don’t need to be a computer-expert to check on this. Incompetence++.

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  1. Hi Alex, all my sympathy. I can understand that you closed the TOR node. More and more I ask myself: In what kind of country are we living? Greets, Sabine

  2. Alexander Schestag says:

    Hi, I agree with Sabine. I just would like to add that this incident is another proof that it is absolutely necessary to show presence in Berlin at 9/22! Hope to see you there.

  3. Alexander,
    unfortunately I won’t make it to Berlin; but hold up a banner for me.

  4. Sabine,
    thanks for your support. In what country to we live? I don’t know. I think I knew before a couple of years ago. But so much changed in the last years…

  5. SdK says:

    Well, the german police…
    a girlfried of mine recieves stalking attacks daily. A guy wrote her daily that he wants to kill her. She knows him. She knows, that he has real weapons at home…

    After two weeks of police investigation (protocol, victim consulting and so on) the police said that they can’t do anything for her. Because it’s just emails and internet.

    The police here has no online access and no working cd-rom drives. And the officers are not able to work with computers.

    But… that’s germany…

  6. SdK: So you can choose between a well equipped, but incompetent police and a police without CDROM-drives which is unable to do their work?
    How wonderful…
    Sorry to hear that. Hope everything will sort out for your friend :-(

  7. Lawlita says:

    I am really sorry about the things happened to you. I can fully understand that you are not going to run an exit node any more and wish you the best to solve all these fu**ing problems.

  8. Schnipsel says:

    Ein exit node weniger

    Beim itnomad gibts einen recht interessanten Bericht, wie unsere Polizei bei Betreibern von Tor-exit-nodes vorgeht. Man sollte sich das ganz durchlesen, sofern man Englisch kann, drum hier nur eine kleine Zusammenfassung:

    Eines Sonntags taucht die Pol…

  9. Kyrian says:

    That’s really rough dude. I have seen some very strange things from the german police of late, but this takes the proverbial biscuit. Best of luck getting it all resolved.

  10. Kyrian: Thanks mate. We should meet at WOA08 for beer.
    Actually WOA07 was my direct therapy after the incident :) A pity that we didn’t meet up in Wacken.

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  13. Heinrich says:

    something very similar happened to me in Germany, the only difference: I don’t even run a TOR exit node. I was suspected because criminals used my software…

  14. Heinrich: WTF? What does that mean? Someone used your software for $something and they went after you?

  15. rabenhorst says:

    […] gegen Tor Exit Router Betreiber Im Beitrag Tor madness reloaded berichtet Alexander nach seinen Erfahrungen mit dem BKA über das letzte Vorgehen gegen ihn als Tor […]

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  20. Spiros Bolis says:

    Yalla, as I’ve told you in Crete, you Germans are not the only ones with the “priviledge” of an “even more than incompetent++” police.

    just FYI a couple of Google hits using “greek police internet”:

    Hang in there guys, you’re not alone! :-)

  21. Spiros: Gnaaa, I just read the first article about the artist. Now how stupid is that! Have to check the other links later.
    Thanks for passing by,

  22. Chris says:

    Why do you claim they are incompetent? You clearly underestimate the enemy. Wake up. They knew they had nothing against you. You said they didn’t check whether it’s a Tor server. That’s what you might think but it’s certainly not true. Also to be the devil’s advocate, running a Tor server would be a great excuse to do malice without risking to be held liable, if it worked that way.
    Anyway, their mission is accomplished. The server is shut down and some FUD has been induced. Sure, the individual officer might very well be incompetent but the leaders clearly aren’t. Have you already forgotten Heiligendamm where the leaders spread unbelievable FUD to scare and provoke their own policeman so that these would not hold back with violence against PEACEFUL demonstrants? Yes, the normal policeman may very well be a stupid order receiver but these tools are not the ones you should worry about.

  23. Yslsl says:

    Germany is on its way to a police state. Since 2005 any money flow can be monitored without the owners knowledge. When the german police is not allowed to tap someones phone, their american friends simply hand them the readily available Echelon data. Soon we will see the autobahn toll stations track individual cars and the police infiltrate private PCs en masse. The islamic terrorists might have been a lot more successful than they themselves think. If they even exist.

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  25. blababub says:

    In Germany there are allready other TOR nodes closed down on the same way, it seems they want just stop the people from using the internet anonymously.

  26. Tor Exit Router Betreiber im Visier

    Der Betreiber eines Tor Exit Routers ist ins Visier der Polizei geraten,
    weil er im Polizeiforum copzone eine Bombendrohung veröffentlich haben soll.
    Nach einer unnötigen Hausdurchsuchung ( der Server steht 500km vom
    Wohnort entfernt ) und Verhö…

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  29. Wurgl says:

    Yes! Police is (incompetent++)*(Incompetent++), yeah, thats even undefined incompetent!

    As you know Yalla, I am Austrian. And back in 2000 I had to go to the police for whatever reason. However, there was a need for some different handling for EU-citicens and for those outside the EU. At that time Austria was part of the EU for 5 years. But the two guys refused that. They called another police station to asked and 5 more guyes did not know.

    Sorry, I have to agree, I cannot see any form intelligent life inside a police station.

  30. Lady says:

    Every country has it’s problems, some more in one area than the other. Just look at America!

    Don’t let them scare you though, especially when you know that you haven’t done anything wrong. It sucks that you have to pay for all those bills though, so do try and get that compensation for everything.

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  33. […] Since the German police are on the lookout for people who use the system for bad things, like bomb threats, then they need to see if they can get access to the server to find out and attempt to backtrack the connection as best they can. It is not the proxies issue; rather it is the data that is going across the proxy. However, the fall out from this one goes well beyond the arrest and the associated problems of running the TOR server, rather it is the loss of a node in the system due to police interference. The consequences: I’ve shut down my Tor-server. I can’t do this any more, my wife and I were scared to death. I’m at the end of my civil courage. I’ll keep engaged in the Tor-project but I won’t run a server any more. Sorry. No. Source: TOR Madness Reloaded […]

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  37. […] 德国的一名Tor服务器管理员Janssen近日被捕,原因是德国警Fang在查找一条网上的恐怖炸弹谣言时,根据发帖者IP找到了Janssen服务器的地址。很明显这是一次误会,经过几小时的询问后,德国安全局释放了Janssen并承认这是警Fang在办案中犯了一个错误。好站在此次事件中警Fang并没有贸然的拔掉Tor服务器 […]

  38. Jadi says:

    Hi Friend, I’m from Iran and we use TOR for accessing human right materials and news. I want to tell you that YOU ARE HELPING US. After reading about you, I’ve thought it is good to come here and write this to you: THANK YOU. We wont be able to access NEWS / Express ourselves without your help.

  39. […] at CNET, Chris Soghoian (huh, he’s blogging there now) blogs: In a recent blog posting, a German operator of a Tor anonymous proxy server revealed that he was arrested by German police […]

  40. foomzr says:

    Lovely story. This is why I decided to go “underground” with all of my online activities that have the slightest chance of creating controversy, though I’m not running Tor yet. I don’t want my wife and my children to experience what you have experienced, although it would probably help to create the appropriate image of German police in the minds of my children. This IS a police state already, and many of the upright decent citizens want it to be that way.

    I have to wonder how long it will be until Tor gets completely outlawed in Germany. Even short of that, I expect that, when the going gets slighly tough, I’ll be suspicious for just having a Tor client on my disk.

    Once a terrorist cell gets busted that made strong use of anonymization and encryption, and there’s no evidence to be extracted from their computers, all hell will break loose for Tor and common encryption methods, regardless of their legal uses that have been established for years.

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  42. xnegvx says:

    You are our hero man. I completely understand if you do not want to put your family through that trauma all over again. No one should have to go through that experience. I hope everything works out for you.

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    Ich berichtete über anonymes Surfen mittels Tor. Dabei werden stets drei unterschiedliche Server in Reihe benutzt um quasi-anonym auf Seiten zuzugreifen. Bei der entsprechenden Seite sieht der Zugriff dann so aus, als ob er vom letzten der drei Se…

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  46. Peter says:

    It’s really amazing how dump (german) cops are. No technical knowledge at all..
    I wish you good look for your future!!!

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  48. Sorry to hear about that. It’s disappointing that you are going to shut it down, but I understand. Maybe I’ll start one up here to make up for the loss. Here’s hoping the Australian police aren’t as bad.

  49. Qbi's Weblog says:

    Medienecho auf die Beschlagnahmung von Tor-Servern

    Alexander Janssen schrieb krzlich auf der Tor-Mailingliste, dass es zwei Ermittlungen gegen ihn gibt und hielt sich sonst eher bedeckt. Gestern verwies er auf die genaue Beschreibung des Vorfalls in seinem Blog. Demnach trat die Polizei um Mitternacht s

  50. […] ganze Story findet ihr hier im Blog des Betroffenen […]

  51. > I’m sitting on a pile of bills from my lawyer no one
    > except me has to pay

    Um welchen Betrag geht es denn? Ich denke, da könnte man helfen.

  52. Daza says:

    Hi mate,

    I can’t believe this happened to you, sorry to hear about it. Hope everything is now resolved and the cops think long and hard before they do this to some other innocent guy. You’re absolutely right too, the police behaviour was entirely incompetent. So disappointing. “Shoot first, ask questions later”.

    I wish you all the best with your legal defence and with the newly attributed “fraud” case. Please keep us updated.


  53. Hi Michael,

    nein. vielen lieben Dank für dein Angebot, aber ich kann das schon selber zahlen. Es gibt andere, die können es nicht – ein Blick auf die Tor-Mailingliste, odrt gibts Leute, die um Hilfe bitten, wenn du etwas beisteuern möchstest.

    Ärgerlich nur, dass dies nicht der erste Vorfall ist, bereits ein anderer ansteht und mir keine Kompensation oder Schadensersatz zusteht, weil es nicht zu einer Anklage und Freispruch kam.

    Wenn man nun mal Böswilligkeit unterstellen würde, könnte man dies als finanzielles Durckmittels nutzen. Rechtsschutz wäre nun gut gewesen… :-)
    (Und noch mal: Ich glaub nicht an eine Verschwörung. Punkt.)


  54. dhaunsch says:

    Exitnode Betreiber leben gefährlich

    Was Alexander da beschreibt … grauslig. Und zeugt mal wieder von vieeel Inkompetenz. Aber trifft leider genau die derzeitige (sicherheits-)politische Lage. Armes Deutschland.

  55. […] stehen dem Staat misstrauischer gegenüber als ich. Diese Leute nennen diesen Vorfall „Unterdrückung von Bürgerrechten durch die Hintertür mittels Anwendung ungerechtfertigter […]

  56. It’s a shame that this is happining in my home country. At the moment we’re selling freedom for only apparent security. Thank you for you fight, even if you had to surrender. I hope there will be others following your example of moral courage.

  57. Martin G. says:

    Naja, lustige Überraschung ;-) Ich hab dich auch mal verlinkt auf meiner Homepage.

  58. On Scaring People

    Alex is working in security business and he maintained a TOR server. Because somebody posted an offensive comment in an online forum for policemen and obfuscated his origin with Alex’s server, Alex had a visit from the prosecution. They arrested…

  59. […] at CNET, Chris Soghoian (huh, he’s blogging there now) blogs: In a recent blog posting, a German operator of a Tor anonymous proxy server revealed that he was arrested by German police […]

  60. Problem says:

    The Problem is that TOR users are not organized enough. This is not the first exit note busting and there should be an IMMEDIATE reaction to ORGANIZE to get lagel help and not to STAND ALONE. Of course with the goal to establish more and more TOR servers!

    This must be done in EVERY city – but of course most people are talking a lot and doing little.

    Yalla should be the last victim – ACT NOW! ORGANIZE!

  61. Florian Lohoff says:

    I had mostly the same happen for me. On 6th of July 2007 the Police stood infront of my door because a a search warrant was granted. The TOR server in question was not located at my home and basically i was able to pursuade the Police to not take anything with them. I had the comortable situation that i am working for the company that hosts my tor server so i could easily pull in a work collegue to actually confirm my statements that the TOR server in question was not at my home but rather in a DataCenter located approx 30km from my home. This was all happening because of a bill of 167Euros on some Porn side someone fraudulently caused by identity theft.


  62. Guys – if anyone can create a paypal donation site for Alex I would promptly drop 5 € without hesitation.

    It is immoral and unacceptable how many of us allow to be cowed into submission by the authorities with the excuse of Terrorism.

  63. […] Blogeintrag vom Server Betreiber fördert noch folgendes zu Tage: On Sunday morning, 00:15 AM, July the 29th, […]

  64. Menno (NL) says:

    Tor is the living proof that anonymity can be maintained. The only weak points are the exit nodes. And they are intimidated and bullied, just as the similar systems. I have Tor installed as a hub, but use Tor rarely, but I want be able to use it.

    It is most frightening to see 1984 becoming reality. It has all to do with control, and controlling will give information, and information will yield POWER. We are going ot a society where everybody is a suspect, until proven otherwise. Tor has the tools to prevent that 100% control, therefore it is important.

    More exit nodes are needed to ensure this system. My connection is not suitable for a node, perhaps this will change.

  65. eds blog says:

    TOR und die Polizei

    Stell dir vor, du betreibst einen Tor-server. Und dieser wird dann tatschlich genutzt. Allerdings, um einen Eintrag mit einer Drohung in irgendeinem Forum zu plazieren.

    Tja, und dann kommt die Polizei bei dir mit einem Einsatzkommando vorbei, durch…

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  67. Use Tor P2P – Get Arrested

    A German blogger has a posting about how the police came knocking on his door, arrested him and confiscated all his computer equipment. The crime? He runs a Tor server, a sort of P2P anonymous proxy server that allows people…

  68. CCC supporter:

    Thanks for the offer, but as I already stated, I’m able to pay my lawyer myself. However, if you have a look at the or-talk archive there are indeed people who are in need of financial help. If you wanna donate some money, consider to donate it to someone who really needs it:

    Thanks anyway! I appreciate your offer, but kindly refuse it.

    Cheers, Alex.

  69. […] German blogger has a posting about how the police came knocking on his door, arrested him and confiscated all his computer […]

  70. cylon says:

    So, noch ein Exit Node weniger.

    Versucht mal solche Fälle aufm offiziellen #tor channel zu thematisieren oder abwehrmassnahmen zu sammeln, dann wird man von irgendeinem anonymen “Trüffelschwein der Elektronikindustrie” noch beleidigt und zum schweigen gebracht, ohne dass einer der Geeks eingreift (verarschen einen stattdessen wegen Mehrdeutigkeiten von englischen Ausdrücken).

    Ich hatte TOR vorher schon für einen dieser ungeeigneten technischen Versuche betrachtet, soziale Probleme zu lösen. Und das isses auch.

    Ich lasse den Server zwar noch für Iraner, etc, laufen aber halte nicht mehr den Kopf für den ganzen heuchlerischen Doppelmoralzombiehaufen anständiger Bürger westlicher “Zivilgesellschaften” hin, die TOR massiv für ihre kranken schweinereien und gewalt- und pornoexcesse missbrauchen, um sich am Wochenende mal “geil, illegal!” zu fühlen.

    Mir reichts.

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  72. Lernziel says:

    […] zu schüren. Einfach gruselig, was sich der unschuldige Bürger bieten lassen muss. Links itnomad Tor madness reloaded Rabenhorst Polizeihorror gegen Tor Exit Router Betreiber *Vorsicht, die Schäubphilis ist […]

  73. […] di luglio ma Alexander, ha tenuto tutto segreto per questioni legali fino ad oggi, momento in cui ha scritto un post a riguardo sul suo blog. Tutto è iniziato qualche mese prima , in dicembre, con l’arrivo di una […]

  74. alex says:

    Hey alex, just read about your case at the inquirers. this is just embarassing for our police. anyway i wish you the best of luck. try your best to kick their asses ;)


  75. david says:

    when i’m adult i go out of this fucking country.
    or i’ll make a revolution (just kidding. please don’t invade my house).

  76. […] post doing the rounds at the top of the mountain the last few days on WordPress has been this one (Click Here!) from Alexander Janssen, a disgruntled German upset at his treatment at the hands of the German […]

  77. […] Impressum « Der Terror-Ticker Sep17th Wieder TOR-Razzia in Deutschland · No Comments Alex Jannsen berichtet in seinem Blog über einen weiteren Fall im Bereich der “TOR-Razzien”. Zugegebenermassen überlege ich mir (mal wieder) ob ich den TOR-Node auf dieser Maschine abschalten sollte, oder nicht… Man muss eben die Mittel haben umeventuelle Konsequenzen zu tragen…Oder doch Umzug auf ein gutes ausländisches Serverangebot? On Sunday morning, 00:15 AM, July the 29th, someone knocked on my door very hard. I just came back f… […]

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  79. Oliver S. says:

    Hallo Alex!

    Was die Polizeit getan hat, dein eigene Privatsphäre zu verletzen, deine Arbeitsmittel unzugänglich zu machen und dich noch mit Handschellen zu fesseln, das ist sicher für jeden ein kleines Trauma. Und es bringt dich dazu die Lage im Nachhinein ziemlich unrealistisch einzuschätzen. Du hast mit deinen Bemühungen recht schnell wieder Zugang zu deiner Hardware bekommen und die Polizei davon überzeugt, dass Du nicht der Uheber dieses Foren-Beitrag warst – das ist doch was.
    Ich kann dem nicht zustimmen, dass die Polizei “inkompetent++” ist. Die müssen nicht kompetent in Sachen TOR sein, das ist einfach nicht das für das die qualifiziert sein müssen. Wenn die alles wissen müssten was möglicherweise für die in den Ermittlungen eine Rolle spielen würde, dann kämen die garnicht zur Arbeit. Was die getan hat stellte sich als erfolgloser Ermittlungsschritt heraus, aber es ist wirklich Realitäts-verzerrt zu sagen, dass das ein Zeichen von Inkompetenz wäre. Es bringt jetzt rein garnichts die Polizei zu verspotten; das ist alles ne fruchtlose Illusion.

  80. Nobody says:


    to avoid such problems i’m using a local proxy (squid) with a provider proxy as parent proxy.
    Squid puts many IPs into headers like X_FORWARDED_FOR and the TOR exit traffic is transparent proxied via

    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p TCP –dport 80 -j REDIRECT –to-port 3128
    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p UDP –dport 80 -j REDIRECT –to-port 3128

    This also transparent proxies the traffic out of my LAN :)

  81. Mario Torus says:

    Regarding the incompetence debate here:

    Being a security consultant and also software engineer, working for some govermental organisations quite some time, I also had to cope with the BKA for several times (teaching mostly, but also law `enforcement’). They are indeed a bunch of incompetent idiots, it’s a shame for our country.
    And this is for a reason: the German government does not pay competitive salaries for IT skilled people, everything has to be outsource but the decisions to whom they actually outsource are again made by incompetent people.

    Since I want to keep my job, I’m posting this anonymously. Long live Tor!

  82. anonymous says:

    Hi ,

    why did you not follow your own hints?
    Why did you not remain silent?

    Sorry for the stupid question…

  83. Smiity SmiT says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    To answer the question, “What kinda country are we living in?”, it would be better asked, “What kinda WORLD are you living in.”

    Why? Because this type of thing is happening all over the “Free” (yeah, right) world. people in the UK, France, the USA, Germany, etc. are all experiencing this same treatment from their govenrments. And who amongst us believes that this type of shit happening all over the world simultaneously is a coincidence? God only protects babies and fools.

    Do the research. The AshkeNAZI fascist that ran your country into the “Third Reich” are the same ones that created Isreal (Is it real) and run the United Snakes right now. Take back your countries by eliminating the so called “Hate crimes laws” that are designed to kill off dissent and opposing (read – intelligent) viewpoints. We are going through the same crap here in the USA.

  84. […] dann noch bekräftigen, wenn andernorts gegen Tor-Exit-Node-Betreiber ermittelt wird und die dann selbst ins Visier der Polizei geraten, weil sie angeblich in einem deutschen Polizeiforum eine Bombendrohung gegen eine ARGE der […]

  85. Paul B. says:

    Wow some people need to take chill pills here.. and I love how many of the ranting and raving folks are to afraid to use their own real name.

    So the cops made a mistake. So local officers don’t have the IT expertise. Big deal. Does that mean if you come home one day and find your house broken into or someone in your family has been raped you won’t call the cops? C’mon get real of course you will, so balance it all out. If the cops arrest ten guys on suspicion of rape of your mother / sister / wife and then only one is charged at the end are you going to care about the other nine, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Hell no.. you will just be happy that the rapist has been caught.

    Alexander was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s it. No big deal. No conspiracy, no police state and definitely nothing to do with Israel or the Third Reich. Jeepers, somebody really had to wave that flag didn’t they.

    The police enforce the law as best they can, laid out by politicians which we / you vote into power which ultimately puts the power back in our own hands.

    Keep it all in context and relax a little.

  86. Andy says:

    Just to say thanks for trying and I am sorry to hear of your rough treatment at the hands of big brother.

  87. […] Anonymity Server Admin Arrested In a recent blog posting, a German operator of a Tor anonymous proxy server revealed that he was arrested by German police […]

  88. […] getting in trouble for some jacked-up net usage.  Lesson?  Big Brother is always watching.  A German blogger has a posting about how the police came knocking on his door, arrested him and confiscated all his computer […]

  89. says:

    Arrestan a un hombre en Alemania por correr un server de Tor (anonimizador)

    un hombre que reside en Alemania estaba corriendo desde su casa un servidor de la red Tor la cual permite a usuarios de la red usar Internet en forma anónima y privada fue arrestado en su hogar. Noticia en castellano en…

  90. chickensht says:

    You should get the tor people to modify the software so a person can designate the node as a “pass through only” this way you wont have any risky traffic comming directly from your node but you can still participate. If there are an average of three hops in each tor connection then the network could have a lot of pass through servers and still not use all the capacity of the gateway nodes.

  91. […] Spiel mit der Angst der Buerger, einen gefallenen Anwalt mit mangelnder Rechtskenntnis, durchsuchte Wohnungen von Ermittlungsbehoerden ohne Sach- und Fachkenntnis und Ermittlungsfehler im allgemeinen diskutiert. Letztendlich steht ja wohlmoeglich bald alles und […]

  92. PC-Magazin says:

    […] das Anonymisierungsnetzwerk Tor ins Visier. In Deutschland wurde der Betreiber eines TOR-Servers verhaftet, weil ein offensichtlich Irrer ber seinen Server eine Bombendrohung in einem Polizei-Forum […]

  93. Paul B.,

    I partly agree with you. To keep it simple: Yes, the police had to react to the threat. Yes, basically they did the right thing.

    But their means of investigation was crap. I don’t think that any investigation really took place, and that is actually the sad thing: That the police didn’t really bother to check for plausibility. That the lawyer of the state didn’t bother do check. The coppers who arrested me are the last ones in the chain, just the executives. (although one could argue about their general attitude, but that’s something else)

    It’s their general approach which is worrying me. If all police stations and lawyers of the state act the same, one could wonder what else could possibly happen. As stupid as it sounds, but I have this “shoot first, ask later”-feeling.
    On a sidenote, the BKA – the german Feds – were more cool-headed than the local police. Although it was annoying (but I was prepared for it for I ran an exit-node), it was no problem to work together with them – although I couldn’t really contribute to their efforts due to the nature of Tor.

    And no, I repeat once again, to state it clear: This was not meant to shutdown Tor. This was an “investigation” against a threat. Erm.

    Cheers, Alex.

  94. Nick says:

    The police did their job perfectly. Harrasing you into stopping providing a Tor server. That was the ultimate aim, not to arrest you or find whomever is responsible for the threat on

  95. Alexander says:

    I understand completely that you shut down your exit node. BUT IT IS SO SAD that this Ҥ$%&/ tactic actually works in Germany.
    If brave people like you can’t speak up anymore ore do completely legal stuff – think about what the average person must think of personal freedom!

    A very sad Alexander

  96. NetDefender says:

    Hallo Alex!

    Ich bin aus Thailand ueber TOR hier, weil der thail. “Informations”-Minister sperren liess.
    Gerade dies zeigt, wie unetntbehrlich TOR fuer die freie Meinungsaeusserung und Presse geworden ist.

    Ich kann aber Deine Reaktion voll und ganz verstehen. Es liegt an UNS ALLEN, solche behoerdlichen Uebergriffe abzustellen. Diese Buerde koennen wir nicht einem Einzelnen ueberlassen.

    Ich hoffe, Deine Frau und Du erholen sich schnell wieder vom erlittenen Schock!

    Herzlichen Gruss aus Thailand!

    Ah, fast haette ichs vergessen: Du erhaeltst mentale Schuetzenhife:

    Einschuechterungskampagnen in Deutschland


  97. Domenico says:

    Do you know that Tor service may be provided also as not-exiting node? I am running a server but only as internal to the Tor network.

  98. munteanu says:

    Its quite cool that so many people support you. I enjoyed to read an little article about your case and that a civil rights activist explains how important the tor network is:

    Überwachungsfreier Netzverkehr
    Razzia gegen Internetaktivisten

    Wie ein Server für überwachungsfreien Netzverkehr ins Visier der Ermittler geriet – und was das bedeutet. VON DANIEL SCHULZ

  99. Manuell says:

    Maybe that Big Brother came up with a plan to fake bomb threads so that they can harass Tor exit node operators so much that they will close down the nodes. A police state does not like anonymity. The amount of attacks on freedom on the Internet is increasing daily. They use good causes, like the fight against child porn, to get the public opinion behind their true goals of making a free and democratic Internet a memory from the past. In the near future it may only be used to buy stuff and listen to the speeches of Angela Verkel and her master Adolf Bu$h.

    Excuse my bad English, but I’m from Barcelona…

  100. Stevie Ballmer says:

    The whole terror thread is fabricated by governments so that people will give up their freedom, one of those being the right on privacy and inherently anonymity. People should see ‘The Power of Nightmares’ documentary to begin understanding what all this so called war on terror is all about, namely a war on our individual rights. Tor is an important tool in guaranteeing our fundamental rights on privacy. The ‘elites’ who plan to reduce you to the status of serf, have decided to destroy this tool by attacking the only traceable elements namely the exit nodes. People should stand up firmly for their rights before they are gone forever. If not, we might all soon see the results of the plans that Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo, including his prediction of 9/11 and the war on terror hoax, and the elite’s ultimate plan for world population reduction and a microchipped society.

  101. xiando says:

    Resistance To Tyranny is Obedience to God!

    Also, be aware, people: We need to draw the line HERE and stop the German Government from spreading this kind of human rights abuses throughout the Fascist EU Police State (which imho should be abolished). What goes in Germany will eventually become the standard for the EU unless we stop them here and now.

  102. xiando:

    You win a price for the most bizarre comment so far on this posting ;)


  103. Bushhater says:

    Alex, I’m afraid that xiando is not so far from the truth. You should watch part 2 and 3 from Zeitgeist – The movie, which can be freely downloaded from There is a plan behind the formation of the European, American, African and soon to be Asian Union. They will all be merged into a world government, the so called New World Order (remember bush senior inaugurating it). Fear that this might be behind the increasing attacks on individual freedom of speech and the guarantee of this freedom by means of anonymity on the internet, makes that people will react politically on something that others perceive as a purely technical issue like the Tor network. As you might know, it is increasingly dangerous for people to say what is on their minds, especially in the United States. Tor is a great help for people to be able to say what they think and see what they want.

  104. topor says:

    Hi Alex,
    I don’t knew your blog, but you have all my sympathy.

    Good luck.

  105. Jeremiah Rose says:

    You made the right decision, Alex. As long as the police in BRD are not capable to do their work in a fair way, there is no reason to play target for them.
    Of course, their primary objective was to find relevant informations about bombs or anything related to the threat. It is absolutely negligible for the responsible police officier that they didn’t catch the right computer or might make a mistake.
    I don’t think that these facts will change anyway.
    Maybe TOR will get stronger support later.

  106. […] the recent arrest of a fellow tor-node admin ( I’ve temporary shutdown my tor exit node and will reactivate it on demand only.. I’ll […]

  107. zatteAffe says:

    @Menno: exactly! feels like reading 1984, or feeling real pitty for the guy in Brazil…

  108. ravings says:

    can’t you see guys – shutting down your tor servers is exactly what the dark side wants – the opposite action should be taken: for each shut down machine – ten new ones should start operating .. all that tyranny will increase .. we’ll all be scared to death all the time if we don’t stand up for a better world NOW – xiando you’re absolutely right – only unconditional love will have the power to stop all this voracity.

  109. Hmm says:

    I find it very interesting that this stemmed from a supposed threat on a pig forum. I bet the lawyer is never able to get a copy of what was the pretext for the raid.

    Thanks for your efforts Alex, your decision is understandable.

  110. FrameWORK says:

    HEY..DUDE….i read YOUR STORY FEEDLINE on a Forum and i was visiting this blog to READ MORE ABOUT this STORY…GUESS WHAT…the same story HAPPENED TO ME in THE PAST..but i was not involving in a case like YOURS…IT WAS A RAID –>…caused by someone with false ARGUMENTS from a IT story…AND YES…you should know now HOW EASY IT IS IN GERMANY to GET A “DURCHSUCHUNGSBEFEHL ” ….AND YES I KNOW AND FEEL what you were through… BUT sorry if i SAY ONE THING..GERMANY is a RECHTSSTAAT..and the german police (yes the most of them don.t know if they are “ABLE TO UNPLUG THE WHOLE SYSTEM” – …and SORRY..I WISH the IT INDUSTRY and THE IT-FOLK would PROTEST against this new LAWS which was APPLIED THIS YEAR…AND guess what…THAT.s is a RESULT when a woman LEADS a country…..ANGELA MERKEL…..Germany will be a “SEE THROUGH WALLS SECURITY COUNTRY…and i hope EUROPE and the EU will protest against the government applying this silly laws…THEY TOO HARD…—-and yes i know let the time flow and think about it…i know we will go on…THEY LEARN FROM US and WE LEARN FROM THEM…so long..we don.t do any bullshit that.s..OK….Ich hoffe dass es dir einigermassen gut geht und wünsche dir alles Gute..Es muss einige Zeit vergehen bis du den Vorfall hinter dir hast..Den Schock wirst du nicht so einfach verdauen…aber bin mir sicher dass du das Beste daraus machen willst..Viel Erfolg…und noch was …solange kein Schaden entstanden ist…können dir die BULLEN gar nichts antun…auch wenn du den TOR server weiterbetrieben hättest….P.S. Die Deutsche Polizei verlangt immer mehr Durchsuchungsbefehl um *abzuschrecken* in Fälle wie DEINE….und nichts anderes…nimm dir .nen dedicated Australien…und mach den Server wieder ON…und administriere alles über dein Handy…per JAVA….lol..tja…die machens uns schwer wir Ihnen auch…so kann der Staat IT mässig voranschreiten…und die GUTEN kommen immer voran…;))–HARD COLD GERMANY–…i wish more sunshine everywhere….across this country…REMEMBERS me about a track from Emanuel TOP …TOo COLD…TOo COLD…TOo COLD…ABSTRACT ADVENTURES..caused by SILLY QUESTIONS…DELIVERED by to many connections..RESULTING in a conflict..tja..CONCLICT…bye..

  111. […] einem kürzlich veröffentlichten Blogpost berichtet Alex Janssen, ein deutscher Betreiber eines anyonmen Proxy Servers (Tor), von seiner […]

  112. Torsten:

    Danke für den Bericht. Klingt zwar dumm, wenn ich sowas sage, aber ich fand ihn ausgewogen, auch wenn der Untertitel nicht ganz stimmte:

    “Anonymisierungs-Server helfen denen, die im Netz privat bleiben wollen.”

    Nicht privat, sondern anonym ist hier das Stichwort. Anonym ist der, der seine Spuren verwischt; privat der, der es dabei auch noch schafft, seine Identiät zu verschleiern.

    Auf Deutsch:
    Anonym sagt nur aus “ich finde die Spur zu dieser Person nicht”.
    Privat sagt: “Ich kann aus dieser Information nicht auf die Person schliessen”.

    Der Unterschied? Anonym führt zu einem Ort; Privat zu einer Person.

    Bruce hatte dazu ein schönes Posting diese Woche:

    Trotzdem: Danke für die ausgewogene Berichterstattung.

    Gruss, Alex.

  113. […] einem Tor Admin passieren kann II Alexander W. Janssen von itnomad Über Teil I haben wir am 14. Juli 2007 […]

  114. Jeff says:

    You’re a trooper, taking one for the good of mankind.

  115. airdump:net says:

    to FrameWORK: Czech Republic in the same situation. I think gov copy German “Antihacker Stuff” ..realy hard. But nobody protest..

  116. airdump:net says:

    to FrameWORK: Czech Republic in the same situation. I think gov copy German “Antihacker Stuff” ..realy hard. But nobody protest..

  117. airdump:net says:

    to ravings: read about realy dark side (3500 domains off 2 days)

    ps: sorry for duplicate entry

  118. […] wrote in a detailed blog entry: I’ve shut down my Tor-server. I can’t do this any more, my wife and I were scared to death. […]

  119. MaxB says:

    Is the chronology in Torsten’s article correct?

    * On Monday the police got the report
    * Then they need 5 days to find the owner of the IP-address and to notify the appropriate police station
    * Then, 6 days after, they assumed a really urgent danger and visited you at midnight

    In these 6 days they wrote letters to your provider, to the prosecutor and to other departments, but they were not able to find someone competent in modern things like internet.


  120. MaxB:

    Yes, the timeline is absolutely correct. I think now that this is official you can understand my rage.

    Cheers, Alex.

  121. […] As a result of the incident, Janessen has decided to stop running his Tor server […]

  122. tathyract says:

    I’m late to computing, and I’d be an unlikely expert anyway, so correct me if my deduction is wrong. I figure that ISPs can determine that a user is using an anonymizing network such as Tor by observing that, for periods of online activity, it is not evident where he navigates. So some (all?) ISPs may have a list of such users, or a government agency with full access to ISP accounts and activity could compile such a list.

    If there is a list or lists of anonymizing users, containing names and ISP account information but little or no information about anonymized online activity, what might be done with it, I wonder. Perhaps other (non-anonymized) online activity and offline activity (purchases, telephone activity, etc.) by listed persons would get more scrutiny. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I wonder. If it hasn’t happened, it might.

  123. FiSh says:

    I can’t believe they can’t open a browser and Google for your machine to see if it’s a TOR node. Simply unbelievable.

  124. The anonymizing network Tor divided to countries

    englische Übersetzung
    This text was translated from german into english. Native Speakers, please help me by reporting grammar mistakes.

    The anonymizing network Tor divided to countries
    The anonymizing network tor continues to grow. It grew from…

  125. […] ca politia a facut o greseala. Acest incident a avut insa o asemenea influenta asupra sa incat a decis sa renunte la gazduirea serverului Tor. “Nu mai pot face asta, sotia mea si cu mine am fost speriati de […]

  126. Schaeuble says:

    Well the interesting thing would be if there are countries where Tor exit nodes are legal. Couldn’t one setup a non-profit there to run the servers and have us the users fund them? on our side we would then only run the intermediates. Would that work?

  127. […] Werde ich heute morgen mit einem Beitrag des WDR5 Morgenmagazins wach, das den Privacy Dongle des Foebud anpreist. Okay, technisch war der Beitrag nicht ganz richtig. Aber eine eindeutige Empfehlung das Ding zu kaufen, und TOR zu benutzen. Ja, TOR, diese tollen Anonymisierungsserver, deren Betreiber gerne mal nachts von einem BKA Team aus dem Schlaf gerissen werden. […]

  128. dVd says:

    Iàm using Tor on my own, it is a really helpful Tool, thank you for this Blog!

  129. […] Karsten N. ins Visier der Ermittlungsbehörden geraten ist und im Herbst ein weiterer TOR-Admin Besuch vom BKA hatte, scheinen nun frostige Zeiten für deutsche Betreiber von Anonymisierungsdiensten […]

  130. Martyn Hare says:

    I was considering moving to Germany aswell……. *sigh*

    Personally I think that unless police are trained in IT, they shouldn’t be allowed to raid a place with the accusations of computer crimes. I thought the UK was crap at policing; incompetence is an understatement for how stupid the police operated in that circumstance.

    They didn’t even have the nerve to tell you what you were accused of when they raided the place…. and they wonder why they get all the bad press…

  131. Dass so etwas in dem deutschen Rechtsstaat möglich ist, hätte ich nicht gedacht. :-(

  132. ahndunk says:

    Good post, same with henry, something very similar happened to me. I was suspected because criminals used my software too…

  133. […] node (a network designed to give its users privacy while accessing the Internet) which details his arrest by the police a few months ago. Both the arrest and other privacy concerns are discussed in a CNet […]

  134. 60csx says:

    So greift der Staat immer mehr in die Privatspfähre ein, wer weiß wie weit das noch geht!

  135. Eric says:

    Go cry somewhere else
    you’re a big baby

  136. Kiana says:

    “Eric Says:
    May 15, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    Go cry somewhere else
    you’re a big baby”

    wow ! what an asshole…

  137. Why people are posting on other language, as the original post is in English.

  138. Discount: Cause I got a lot of german readers and I actually don’t mind. Also, quite a few comments are actually trackbacks which I can’t influence anyway, even if I wanted to.


  139. Eric: It’s my blog and I cry if I want to… ;-)


  140. Mactator says:

    Edit: Now this is the weirdest comment I’ve ever got. It droped into my spamfilter a while ago and I didn’t knew what to think of it; just deleting it would be one thing – on the other hand, it’s a really weird example of what kind of odd stuff people blurb out on the Internet. I decided to publish it though I think it belongs into the bin. — alex.

    Original message follows:

    I have never announced an assassination!!!
    And I’ve never threatened human garbage at the employment office!

    The lubrication finches of the “Zeit” write nonsense.
    I even read of a bomb threat against the employment office. A misinformation!
    If it happens, you will only know it afterwards!
    If dead, then medially striking!
    I will not be human garbage.
    Yes, better dead than human waste!!!
    You will still hear from me!!!
    The policemens in the board an from the Criminal Investigation Department Düsseldorf are naive idiots.

    June 11. … Summertime, and the dying/grilling is hot….. flamethrower, very creative…
    May 18. (very effective, who needs guns…?), April 20., April 26., November 20., November 7., April 16., March 11….

  141. […] Wer sich langweilt, mag mal kurz in den USA rüberschauen und darüber lachen, dass dort Webhosting dort genauso wenig empfehlenswert ist wie Webhosting in Deutschland. […]

  142. Roland says:

    Wie sieht es heute nun aus? Klar, noch immer keine Tor-Node, okay. Ich werde wohl auch keine mehr betreiben (hatte eine restriktive Exit-Node nach Port 80 und 443), nicht dass ich mich einschüchtern lassen würde, aber dass mir die Herren Beamten die Möbel gerade rücken??? Nein, kein Bock drauf. Dann noch die Nachbarn mich für pädo/kriminell halten? Null Block.

    Ja, man kann das als “Einschüchterungsmaßnahmen sehen, die einem davor abhalten sollten, Exit-Nodes zu betreiben. Daher nutze ich nun verstärkt ein anderes anonymes Netz (nenne ich hier nicht, da vielleicht auch die Polizei hier mitliest).

    Aber wenn ich mir die Kommentare einiger Leute hier anlese, dass sogar die “Hersteller” – also die Hacker die die Software geschrieben – haben auch von der Polizei aufgesucht werden, dann müssen wir wirklich an Gegenmaßnahmen arbeiten, damit so etwas nicht mehr vorkommt.

    Ich bin da mit meiner Software einen anderen Weg gegangen und will nur noch Objekte (mit meiner Software) sharen, deren Typ ich kenne, also keine HttpTunnel, VideoDowload oder MusicDownload-Objekte. Wird zu oft versucht, die zu sharen gibt es negatives Karma bis zum Ban.

    Ich hab mal das Häckchen unten gesetzt, da ich auf weitere Reaktionen gespannt bin. :)

  143. […] Tor madness reloaded « Blog of too many things (tags: tor privacy security blog Germany police anonymous lang:en) […]

  144. Abram says:

    i read some similar in other blogs. but i do not think the same. sorry. maybe check better some more sources to point the thing out. community resources

  145. Sorry to hear that. proper due process must be followed in order to gain more rights with this creation.

  146. Felix says:

    I am running the exit node guyfawkesberlin. Not a very fast one but I am truly glad to send some http-traffic from Iran to the world and vice versa (among 90 % lunch-break porn). I hope, me or my flatmate will be there to pull the plug on my computer when the cops knock on the door to shut down the crypted disks.

    I accept your decision but will keep on because I don´t have a wife. But I will keep more distributed backups to be able to keep working when they confiscate my box. Big THX for the description of the raid. Looking forward to MY first raid ;-D (not really).

    All the best. Felix

  147. […] URL geklickt hat oder wirklich dahin wollte. Verdächtig wäre jeder davon, und damit von einer Hausdurchsuchung […]

  148. […] Ich war und bin fassungslos. Weil deutsche Polizeibehörden unfähig sind, vernünftig zu ermitteln — oder weil sie nicht wollen?, — wurde ein Freund von mir wie ein Schwerverbrecher behandelt. Aber lest seinen Bericht selbst: TOR madness reloaded […]

  149. […] have had their computing equipment confiscated as evidence in pedophilia image raids and even arrested.  This means that there are very few exit nodes, which reduces privacy and (I had assumed) been a […]

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