Search engine terms roundup

Feedback pictureI did it once, and I’m doing it again. In my blog-stats I can check with what search engine terms my readers show up, so I’ll dissect some of them with some – hopefully – useful answers.

So asked for it, you’ll get it: Feedback!

  1. bloody room
    Er… OK, that might be related to the terror I suffered of when I had the broken sewer pipes beneath the floor of my apartment :-)
  2. fire fox tunnel
    Well, not sure, but I posted some howtos about how setup a tunnel through proxies to use a remote Tor-client
  3. enc28j60 atmega
    Actually that was a project I wanted to do at the Linuxbierwanderung 2006, but since I was grounded due to a spider-bite, I didn’t do it. I still got my ENC28J60 lying around here somewhere. Winter is coming soon, so I’ll have plenty of time to implement this.
  4. tor through proxy
    See 2.
  5. space shuttle
    Oh, there was this nice picture of a space-shuttle
  6. meneame tor
    No idea about that one.
  7. using tor with firefox
    Oh, that’s pretty simple. Install Tor, open Firefox, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings. There set “manual proxy configuration” and give “SOCKS host”: with port 9050. However, I advice you to install “Privoxy”. Tor only allows you to be anonymous, but doesn’t protect your privacy. Best follow the instructions on the EFF’s homepage. Look at the links “Installing Tor on…” for your OS.
  8. 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-5
    One of my favourite Interweb Memes so far. Never underestimate the power of disgruntled users.
  9. configure tor thru isa server
    ISA Server? Ouch. I must pass at this one. I once thought about checking ISA out, but I learned that it wasn’t worth the hassle… However, searchin’ da intarweb a bit I found this article: Access proxy / firewall restricted internet sites using tunelling or onion routing
  10. tor anonymity down
    Uh… The oracle says: Probably not.

One Response to Search engine terms roundup

  1. dorigo says:

    LOL… so different from those I get! :) Anyway, it is always interesting to check what were the means by which your readers come…


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