Boy in court on terror charges

Now this is insane. A boy from the UK who owns a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook (which can be bought in any bookstore and rented in every public library) was arrested and released on bail.

I recently got arrested because of absurd charges and yes! I once read the book as well and I think I still have some textfiles from the cookbook on my harddrive. The book was funny, but most of the stuff written in there is absolutly crap and certainly doesn’t teach you how to be a real trrrst.

I wonder when we start burning books again. Detaining interested, clever young people is surely a good start.


2 Responses to Boy in court on terror charges

  1. Mary says:

    The Anarchist Cookbook isn’t allowed in Canada – not for years now. So I don’t think you’d ever find it in a Canadian Public Library :-)

    Not to belittle what happened on September 11, 2001 in NYC, but there has been overreaction. In many parts of the world there are frequent bombings, but they have never been catalysts for full-scale military invasion (Iraq) and legalising the restriction of civil liberties. It’s a fall-out of the American overreaction.

  2. Mary:
    Wot? Not allowed in Canada? ;)
    Now that’s surprising…
    I thought you Canadians are more liberal than the rest of the North-American bunch.

    However, it’s still a silly book :)

    How’re doing anyway?


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