nemo tenetur seipsum accusare

Well, not in the UK anymore.

Nowadays you got to hand over your encryption keys to the authorities if they ask you. Non-compliancy can be punished with up to two years for ordinary “crimes” and up to five for trrrsts.

4 Responses to nemo tenetur seipsum accusare

  1. Thankfully encryption programs such as truecrypt have hidden volumes .

  2. Hidden volumes doesn’t help you against this stupid law.

    It’s only a methode to obfuscate the fact that you’re using encryption.

    A well-trained gal/guy from forensics can easily find out about that – and then you’re still in the same position, to disclose your keys.


  3. I’m not talking about hidden volumes on a regular hard drive. I’m talking about hidden truecrypt volumes which are entirely different. According to their website they would help against this law:

    Even when the outer volume is mounted, it is impossible to prove whether there is a hidden volume within it or not, because free space on any TrueCrypt volume is always filled with random data when the volume is created and no part of the (dismounted) hidden volume can be distinguished from random data.

    So if I was forced to hand over my key, I could give them the key to the outer volume, and keep the key to the inner volume private. If they asked me for a key to the inner volume, I would tell them that there isn’t one.

    Technically I have handed over my key to them, so I have complied with the law. They can’t prove that there is an inner volume, so they can’t punish you for not handing it over.

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