Privacy in Germany: What’s going on?

This is a meta-posting describing what’s going on in Germany.


German Privacy Foundation (GPF)

The German Privacy Foundation was finally officially established. The GPF thinks everyone has the right for privacy and anonymous communication. Anonymity is one of the fundamental basics to privacy and support human- and citizen’s rights.

It’s goals are to inform and educate about safe communication on the internet, supporting and organising tutorialsfor citizen about those topics.

The GPF is supporting and endorsing the development and deployment of anonymous infrastructure.

The GPF is a non-profit organisation according to the German law.

Contact: Use the Contact-Form.

Privacy Legal Fund (Germany) [PLF]

The Privacy Legal Fund (Germany) is a yet-to-be-founded organisation which will help voluntary operators of anonymisation-services like JAP, Tor, Mixmaster, Entropy, Freenet et al. with their problems with the Feds.

Much like the GPF, they want to promote the useage of privacy-enhancing internet-tools, but puts it’s emphasis on direct action instead of education. In that sense, the GPF and the PLC will be complementary.

The PLF doesn’t have fixed rules yet, they’re still to be defined. The PLF will be a non-profit organisation.

Contact: Contact me using the contact-form in this blog. You may encrypt the message using the PGP-key 0x90DEE171.


Both, the GPF and the PLF, will meet on the Chaos Communication Congress 24 in Berlin at the 27th-30th of December 2007 in Berlin.

On the 27th the PLF will meet for it’s founding-ceremony.
On the 28th the PLF and the GPF will meet to discuss the cooperation of both organisations.

Roger Dingledine, head of the Tor-project, will attend 24C3 for some talks as well.

Other Events:

There should be a “10 Years GnuPG“-party in Düsseldorf featuring Werner Koch this Thursday; however, no official annoucement was made yet. Still waiting.

2 Responses to Privacy in Germany: What’s going on?

  1. Michael Stehmann says:

    The GNU-PG party is on 20th of December 2007 in “Tigges” in Düsseldorf near the Bilk-railway-station, when DLUG has also their meeting for December at the same place. It will start at 7.30 pm CET.


  2. Unfortunately I can’t come for my grandfather has just died last night.

    However, have lots of fun!


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