Try new Torbutton Firefox-plugin

TOR logoUpdate: Included another link to the Video. Thanks, Renke!
Just back from 24C3 where I attended Roger Dingledine’s talk about Tor’s further development plans (Torrent to Matroska-Video: Mirror #1, Mirror #2). He also presented the new development-version of Torbutton which is finally usable. The old Torbutton-plugin had several problems: It had the problem that it presented cookies, history and saved passwords from non-Tor-sessions to Tor-sessions which severely spoiled your privacy; the new development-version of Torbutton has a dedicated cookie-jar for Tor-sessionsand lot’s of other features:

  • Disable plugins on Tor Usage
  • Isolate Dynamic Content to Tor State
  • Hook Dangerous Javascript
  • Block Password+Form saving during Tor/Non-Tor
  • Store Non-Tor cookies in a protected jar
  • …and many more features… (complete list on the website)

See this awesome screen shots to get an idea what changed:

Torbutton Preferences, Dynamic Content
Figure 1: Screen shot of Torbutton Preferences: Dynamic Content

Torbutton Preferences, Cookies
Figure 2: Screen shot of Torbutton Preferences: Cookies

So if you press the Torbutton, it totally isolates all the other non-Tor-sessions (though I don’t recommend to use those tabs), improving your privacy. Before this new plugin was available, I used a separated Firefox-profile to use Tor – not needed anymore with Torbutton.

So grab your new copy (direct link to XPI) and have fun!


4 Responses to Try new Torbutton Firefox-plugin

  1. renke says:

    the Torrent of Dingledine’s presentation is down – rhis one works

  2. Renke: Thank’s for the hint. The torrent at Piratebay used to work just fine actually – it was well seeded and it was fast enough to utilize my whole 16 Mbit/s downlink.

  3. renke says:

    hmm, strange – yesterday I used your link to load the video and it worked fine but this morning I was informed that it is down.

    some ISP with content filtering?

  4. OK, I had a closer look:
    The torrent-file itself was hosted at and tracked by the pirate bay. The torrent-file just vanished from (404). So no content-filtering here, just a plain goo’ol’ file not found.
    But well, your Torrent seems to be seeded ok too. >21 seeders, 1 MB/s download and rising.

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