Bronze Buddha by rconstruct

Now for something completely different: A friend of mine, head-artist of our really great WW2-submarine simulation “Danger from the Deep“, rendered this classic standard Stanford-Buddha with his own procedural shaders powered by Shrimp (which means: No textures!). It’s just so gorgeous, I had to share it with his kind permission.

Bronze Buddha by rconstruct - 400×400
Fig 1: Stanford standard Buddha, original mesh by Stanford University, cleaned, decimated, converted to RiSubd with K-3D by rconstruct (click for 1024×1024 PNG)

Ain’t that nice?

Check out Shrimp, an interactive Renderman shader creator.

P.S.: Whoring++ – all those creationists are tagging their postings with “science” – so I’m going to tag that posting with “science” (it’s CS) and “religion” (it’s a Buddha!) as well.

One Response to Bronze Buddha by rconstruct

  1. It’s a quite unique design.
    I wonder what it is made up of?
    And is it laughing buddha statue?

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