Planning IT-installations – Abstract (#1)

That’s a posting I wanted to do for quite some time, because that’s what I do for a living.

Large IT-projects need to be documented very precisely. It all starts with a project-plan, eventually leading to a detailed network diagram. In this series of postings I’ll describe how I plan and implement large new IT-installations.
Documentation is essentially for a couple of reasons:

  1. You need planning to really know what you actually want to achieve with your installation
  2. You need the documentation to have a test-handbook so that the customer knows that the sold solution matches their requirements
  3. You need all of it for further references, if you run into technical problem later.

What this series of postings will cover:
No series of posting without a thorough plan.

  1. I’ll show how to define the areas of responsibilities within the scope of an IT-project
  2. I’ll show how to create documents for certain audiences: Manager need other documents than the IT-crowd; yet the security-people need other documents than the techs.
  3. I’ll present a framework of documents which is used in my company

Intended audience:
The framework I’m about to present will be useful for IT-manager, people who plan IT-projects, security-people and the maintenance-staff.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll release postings covering the following subjects:

  1. Getting it all together: Defining the scope of the project (Posting #2)
  2. Defining Engineering-related requirements: Bill of materials, electrical requirements and room-plans (Posting #3)
  3. Defining IT-related requirements: Interfaces, network-segments, IP-networks (Posting #4)
  4. IP- and security planning: Detailed documentation of servers and firewall rules (Posting #5)
  5. Engineering: Creating a detailed hardware-setup (Posting #6)
  6. Acceptance tests – how you prove that the system works a planned (Posting #7)

This series of postings will start with the first posting, defining the scope of the project.

I’d be happy to get your feedback.

Cheers, Alex.

Planning IT-installations – Defining the scope of the project (#2)


3 Responses to Planning IT-installations – Abstract (#1)

  1. […] Planning IT-installations – Defining the scope of the project (#2) This is part #2 in the series of postings “Planning IT Installations”. Part #1 was the Introduction to the series of this postings: Planning IT-installations – Abstract (#1) […]

  2. Markus says:

    I will follow Alex. I do know the basics already ;)

  3. @Markus: Oh man. I just hope that you’ll hire me for all those followup-projects which might pop up in your new job ;-)

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