Installing Minix3 in kvm

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I recently read about the Minix3 release so I thought I’d give it a try. Since I got a wee new machine which can do real hardware-virtualisation using kvm/qemu, which works pretty fine with Windows XP, Linux and FreeBSD, I thought to give that new setup a really hard time. I started off installing GNU/Hurd which was a bit of a pain; when I first tried to install it I *really* thought I was installing GNU/Linux – the HURD installtion-routine was even showing off with Tux, the Linux-Penguin! That was kinda… odd.

However, I wanted to give Minix3 a shot and downloaded the official release from their website. This was version 3.1.2a and I thought kvm would do just fine. Unfortunately I ran into the same problem over and over again, trying to give kvm several different parameters all the time.

Thing was that I always got this “Floating exception”-error. After searching on the net quite a lot I basically found out that the new version – 3.1.3a – solves those kvm-related problems.

At the moment it’s still installing – doing a bloody badblocks-scan – but later I’ll post more details.

Oh, also, on a related note: I had quite some nice vacation the last weeks.

Update: Base installation works. Networking doesn’t. It’s 2AM now, so I’ll check that out later.


2 Responses to Installing Minix3 in kvm

  1. f says:

    same problem here… now loading 3.1.3a… @25KB/s -.-

  2. jo says:

    Seems the image size is an issue.
    First I installed Minix 3.1.2a on a 2G image under kvm: runs fine, no problems.
    Then I tried to give Minix more space on a 4G image: Autopart floating exception.
    I reduced to somewhat below 4G:
    dd if=/dev/zero of=minix.img bs=1k count=0 seek=4000000
    And again Minix installed without problems.

    This looks like a 32bit overflow in Autopart (although image size = 4G-256bytes didn’t
    solve the problem)

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