Fedora Core 8 and Firefox Profiles – works, if you know how!

Ever since I migrated to Fedora Cora 8 I was really disappointed that Firefox-Profiles stopped working as I was used to them in Debian. I used different Firefox-profiles to run concurrent instances with other settings – like “regular web-surfing”, “Tor”, “English proxy for BBC iPlayer”, “test-this-random-plugin”.

But not with Fedora. I tried debugging the script, found a multitude of bug-reports against that, with now results.

Today dr|z3d from #tor pointed me to the correct answer: You have to apply the “-no-remote”-command to Firefox to get it working. Unfortunately, this option isn’t mentioned in the manual page to Firefox on Fedora Core 8.

So, if you want to get multiple profiles running: Add a -no-remote to the command-line. That should do the trick.

dr|z3d: I owe you a beer.


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