Search term roundup

OK, every now and then I’m checking the search engine terms people use. A few of them explainified.

1) tor exitnodes
If you just want to see a list of Tor exitnodes, you might want to see this list.
If you want to ban Tor to access your services, you want to read the Tor Abuse FAQ.

2) putty f-secure key authentication
Now that’s an interesting question, I haven’t thought about this. I know that F-Secure’s implementation of SSH has a totally different key-format than Putty has. Also, Putty has by default a different format than OpenSSH! That’s a topic worth to investigate.

3) it project scope sample
I bet you found this. And yes, I know, I should be writing the rest of the series.

4) siemens primecenter rack 38he
Those are cool. Though they’re made by Fujitsu-Siemens :) Datasheets are here: PRIMECENTER 12-46U Rack

5) capsicum chinense plants
My Bhut Jolokias finally have fruits! Will post pictures later.

6) how to discover tor nodes
Easy way is to check the IP-address against the list of known Tor-nodes. Check the document about the public TorDNSEL service.

7) kvm on gfs
Hm, should that be “GFS on KVM”? Not sure what that means. If the original researcher reads this, drop me a line :)

8) torbutton on firefox 3
Yes, it works. See Mozilla’s plugin-page about Torbutton.

9) wow authentication keys
No, I don’t do World of Warcraft.

10) wer weiß was über p2p anonym
That’s german and means “Who knows what about anonymous P2P”. Hm, whatever the question is – there are several people who know about it :) Got a specific question?


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