Bhut Jolokia

I grow Chillis. My Bhut Jolokia plants are almost ready. Oh Joy!



More pictures here.


More Galore!

More Galore!


9 Responses to Bhut Jolokia

  1. Jason Wimbs says:

    Good job! Mine are the size of matchheads.

  2. Jason: A shame. Did you use any fertilzers? I’m using a fertilzer based on yeast which really kicks ass.

  3. Red Icculus says:

    I have eaten exactly ONE bhut jolokia. Now they are just an ornamental plant.

    Yours look great!

  4. cartooncat says:

    I’m planning to grow them this year. What month did you plant the seeds?

  5. cartooncat: February/March is a good time, which means: Now. However, depending on where you’re living you might have to give them some extra-light. Good luck! Alex.

  6. cartooncat says:

    Thanks – that’s good to know! I’ll see if I can pick up some seeds this week!

  7. They are some nice looking plants – what sort of temperature did you keep them at?


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