X-Ray Galore – with sticky tape!

Since Tomaso likes to play around with his personal dosimeter on airplanes, I’d like to propose him a new 50 keV X-Ray experiment for his toy.

Everyone knows that peeling of scotch tape under her or his blanket emits some light. But did you also know that you can’t only use it as holographic memory but also let it send off X-Rays in vacuum? I found this article on Hack A Day today and also this really cool video up on Nature’s website.

So, vacuum-chamber anyone? Thinking of Ponder Stibbons‘[1] proposal to create a lot of electricity by mounting a lot of cats to wheel and let an amber-rod stroke their fur, I could think of an easier way to produce lots of X-Rays than the method DESY is using ;-)

[1] Obviously a Discworld reference.

2 Responses to X-Ray Galore – with sticky tape!

  1. dorigo says:

    That is Brilliant!!! I’m rushing to try it (unfortunately, no vacuum chamber handy).


  2. dorigo: A shame that the Tevatron is only into Protons ;)
    Oh, and go read Terry Pratchet’s “Discworld”-novels if you haven’t yet. Terry Pratchet is for Fantasy, what Douglas Adams is for Science Fiction. Means: A lot of fun and taking the piss with everything :)

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