Need a new calculator

Update: Though I asked you for your advice, I ignored everything and got me a HP-35s. I found it has quite a lot of constants, but what really got me was the really cool retro-design and the sloped keys, like back in the good old days (Rowerle, you know what I mean…:) Pictures as soon as it arrives. RPN for the win! :-)

I have a rather old, yet cool Casio calculator. It’s really lightweight and has all the constants you need. I was carrying it in my backpack for years and using it almost every day. However, today I took it out of my backpack and notice some kind of dust behind the LCD screen.


What is this behind the screen of my calculator; some kind of mold? Dust? Insect's eggs?

What's this behind the screen of my calculator; some kind of mold? Dust? Insect's eggs?

I don’t know what it is; but it somehow managed to get under the glas from the LCD. No way to remove it. I wonder what it is. I heard stories about insects crawling behind TFT-displays, but I think it’s just ome kind of ordinary dust. How it got there? No idea. Why didn’t it get earlier behind the screen? No idea either.

The calculator still works! No quesion about that. But that dust is annoying as hell.

Anyway, I need a new calculator! Must do all the basic stuff, trigonometric functions, must have a couple of important constants (π, me, u, G, h, c and all that stuff), fractions, Base-N… graphics not needed. A really cool plus would be RPN. I was looking into different HP calculators, but I couldn’t find out if they got my constants included.

Basically: I want the same calculator again, but with RPN if possible :-)

Any advices?

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  1. Rowerle says:

    Is that a call for donation?
    I’m btw still using and loving my old HP 48G. It’s from ‘ancient’ times … when I was a young and free student ;-)

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